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Milonic Solutions Purchasing FAQ

I need a quote or an invoice, can these be provided?


    The best thing to do in this instance is for you to request a payment by invoice option, make a purchase but select "payment on account" from the payment page (you'll need to be logged in though).

    This will create all the necessary paperwork but doesn't require any money from you at this point in time.

    The invoice can then be printed by yourselves at your leisure and forwarded on to your client, if applicable.

    Payment is then made in 30 days, unless of course you don't want the menu anymore and then you just let us know and we'll cancel the lot. We are the only DHTML provider capable of offering this kind of service. It gives you a chance to download and try out the menu without making a payment first. We offer a 100% refund policy if you are not satisfied with our product, but, you will be.

I'd like to test the menu but to download, I'll need to buy first. What is your refund policy, should the menu not meet our needs?

    Our refund policy is 100% money back should the product not meet your requirements.

    There is no financial risk involved at all. Just let us know your views and we'll do all we can to help. If we can't satisfy your needs you'll be refunded in full.

How much is the Milonic DHTML Menu?

How much is the Milonic DHTML Menu in my currency?
    If you login and visit our Product Pricing Page you will be able to change the default currency to your preferred currency. All pricing on the purchasing pages will then appear in this currency.

My support contract has expired, how do I renew?
    Login and visit our Renewal Page The renewal page should indicate the time remaining and cost details for your license renewal.

How much does renewing my support cost?
    This depends on which license you currently hold. The cost is around 30% off the list price of the license.

Would it be possible for someone from Milonic to build our menu system? If so what are the typical rates/charges?
    Yes, we can build your menu to your specification, we charge $150 which includes a professional software license.

Why do you give the menu away even though you are a company?
    We understand that limited budgets may prevent non-profit organisations from developing their web presence. Milonic feels all organisations should be entitled to software of a high standard and non-profit organisations have just as much need for software solutions as international corporations.

How long will it take from ordering a license till you send us the license information?
    This should be an instant process, as soon as the purchase process is complete the license information will be issued immediately.

Do you have special rates for multiple purchases?
    A reseller license offers great discounts, however if you need more than 3, less than 10 contact us for a discount.

I work for a Government agency, can I use the menu for free?
    Not any more. Government bodies are considered commercial even though no profit is made from their services. However, we may be able to help certain government bodies such as emergency services (police, fire ambulance etc) as well as some government bodies that help people less fortunate than ourselves. Nato and G8 etc are guaranteed free licenses

When I purchased a product from you, I recieved a license number. What do I do with this?
    This is purely for our records and for your own records.

    You can advertise the fact that you support Milonic Solutions and have bought a license by including the license number with the copyright notice. Note that all paid for licenses contain license details about your copy of the menu and are unique to your website and cannot be changed because this will break the menu and will be in breach of our terms and conditions.

Can I pay with my Paypal account?
    Yes, but it is quite a long winded process.

    What you have to do is make sure your details are filled out at the My Milonic Account Details Page then contact us and we'll activate the invoice feature on your account. Once thats out of the way you go through the purchasing process as normal but select Invoice - on account from the preferred payment method box.
    Milonic will then process an invoice and send you the email address you can use to make the Paypal payment

Why is there an invoice surcharge?
    The invoice surcharge is needed for all non credit card transactions. Any sales that are not dealt with via the card processor have to be accounted for manually. The invoice charge helps our small company to employ staff to deal with the extra paper work.

Why am I being charged VAT?
    By law in the UK we have to charge VAT unless our customer is exempt or is from the EU and gives us a valid VAT number. You will be asked for your VAT number in the purchasing process, if you submit your VAT number here you will not be charged tax.

Is it possible to purchase on a CD?
    We do not currently issue our software on cd's as they are constantly being updated to suit new additions and browsers. However, please let us know if this will be a problem and we'll see what we can do

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