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Current Menu Version: 5.955 dated Sunday April 14 2024 Click to Download

Product Information

Description & Features

Now in it’s fifth phase of development, the Milonic DHTML Menu features superb performance and customization properties which have dramatically increased the menu’s functionality. Every part of the Milonic Menu is fully adjustable and now boasts proprietary scroll bars, delayed menu opening to mimic the way the Microsoft Windows menus work, and over 100 editable parameters with the ability to include CSS classes for full customization.

Capability Features

Multiple Menus
Many menus can be placed on one page.
Tool Tips
Tool tips allow for additional information to be made available to your users by displaying associated text upon hovering for a specific amount of time over a menu item.
Dynamic Dragable Menus
Menus can be declared dragable so they can be moved around your web page.
Relative Positioning Inside A Table
The menu can be placed into a table to allow relative positioning.
100% Width Span Menu
Menus can span 100% across the width of your web page.
Follow Scrolling
You can have a menu item remain with the user as they scroll down the page.
Opening Windows & Frames
When opening new windows you can either press CTRL+N to open a new window or you can press SHIFT and click on the link either in the menu or on a standard link in your web page.
Hiding DIVs
When displaying menus, hiding DIVs allows the menu to be visable over form objects such as select boxes.
Activating MouseOver & MouseOut Functions
The menu can include custom JavaScript functions that get activated onMouseover, onMouseOut and onClick.
Positioning with Screenposition & Offsets
Setting the position of menus using screenposition is a handy way of ensuring that your menus will always be centered or positioned exactly how you need.
Scroll Bars
For menus larger than the available space on the page scroll bars within the menu make it possible to navigate easily.
Delayed Menu Opening
The time delay for menu opening on mouse over and closing on mouse out can be altered to your own specification. The default close delay is far longer than the open delay which allows for navigating between parent and child menus without the menu closing abruptly once your mouse moves off the parent menu.
Fixed Position Pop Up Menu Function
The pop up menu function is a built in feature allowing menus to be opened based on mouse actions from other HTML objects.
Pop Up Menu Function Positioned by Images
The popup function can also open menus based on mouse action but also positioned relative to an image.
Context Right Click Menu
This menu opens when using the right click. As the menu relies on the right mouse button it will only work on certain browsers.

Style Features

Menu Orientation
Menus can be both horizontal and vertical, and can have horizontal or vertical sub menus regardless of which orientation the main menu is.
Any font, size, color, alignment or style can be declared allowing maximum flexibility in your design.

The Milonic Menu makes it possible to use both outline borders (around each menu) and item borders (around each item of text). Their size, color and style (solid, dotted,dashed etc) are fully adjustable.

Both vertical and horizontal separators can be adjusted to any size or color and can also be declared as a percentage of the width of the item and aligned accordingly. The menu also accommodates custom images for use as separators.

Padding & Margins
All padding and margins are fully controllable so it's easy to acheive the look you desire.

Images in the menu can be used in many different ways; as icons, backgrounds, sub menu indicators or complete menu items. They can also be placed in various positions and can be aligned to suit.
Rollover/Swap Images
All image settings can be declared in the mouseon and mouseoff state allowing them to change when they are hovered over.
Menus Built From Images
Menus can be built entirely from images allowing their appearance to be changed dramatically.
Headers Inside Menus
Headers insert non-clickable headings into the menu which add definition and clarity.
Multiple Styles
Unlimited number of styles can be used which adds flexibility when it comes to using different text, colors and sizes.
Unlimited Menus
An unlimited amount of sub menus can be included within one main menu.
Multi Colored Menus
Each menu item can be declared a different color to allow maximum customization.
Current Page Highlights
The current page in use can be highlighted in your menu navigation system. Both text and background colors and images can be assigned to change or appear in the menu once declared.
Open Style
The way that menus are opened can also be altered. From right to left is useful for hebrew sites and opening submenus up instead of down can have great impact.
3D Menus
Menus can appear to have a three dimensional effect that is generated by declaring a High 3D Color and a Low 3D Color.
Filters & Transitions
Filters and transitions make a significant difference in the appearance of how a menu materializes and disappears. Transitions make opening menus a dramatic process, successful effects include pixelating images, dissolves, and menus that slide out. Filters are best used to add effects such as a drop shadow, embossed effect or menu transparency so the page underneath is still visible.

The DHTML Website Menu works well with the following web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 4.0 to 6.0+
Netscape Navigator for Windows 4.03 to 4.8
Netscape Navigator for Windows 6.0 to 7.0+
Mozilla for Windows 0.6 to 1.6+
Opera for Windows 5.0 to 7.0+

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ for Apple Mac
Safari 1.0+ for Apple Mac
Netscape Navigator 4.x+ for Apple Mac
Netscape Navigator 6.0+ for Apple Mac
Mozilla 0.7+ for Apple Mac

Netscape Navigator 4+ on Unix/Linux
Netscape 6+ on Unix/Linux
Konquerer 2.2+ on Unix/Linux
Mozilla 0.7+ for Unix/Linux

Support is currently in development for the menu on WebTV and Pocket PC's

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