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Licensing is a very grey area and something that often causes considerable confusion.

How can I view my licenses and what is my license number?

How can I get my website posted to the List of Menu Users?

I think we are entitled to a free license, how can I be sure?
    Contact us and we'll get one of our team to review your site.

I purchased a license but it is not showing on my account, why not?
    It is possible that when you purchased the Milonic Menu you entered in a different email address to the one that holds your Milonic account. The system will have created a separate account for this email address and license.

I have a license but on the mylicenses page it says it has expired, why?
    The expired label refers to the support contract not the actual license. Your Milonic DHTML Menu License is perpetual, however support and upgrades are not. If you wish to upgrade to the latest code release or receive technical support you will have to renew your support contract.

My support contract has expired, how do I renew?
    Login and visit our Renewal Page The renewal page should indicate the time remaining and cost details for your license renewal.

I'm a web designer working for a non-profit organisation, why can't I be granted a free license?
    Unless we have proof otherwise, Milonic assumes all web designers will be charging their client for their work and are therefore not regarded as non-profit. The site being created may be for a non-profit organisation, however if it is a commercial business applying for the license then the standard license charges will apply.

I have one website but multiple domain names for that site, do I need to license each domain name?
    If the domains all have identical content and are on the same server and IP address they will be covered by one license.

I have my site in different languages with different domain names, will one license do?
    Yes, provided all content (except language), server and IP are identical.

We purchased a license from you recently but have not received any confirmation or license details, why?
    Either, the email address used in the purchasing process is incorrect or a spam filter is not letting the emails through to you.

I have a free license for my personal site but I've now opened a web store on this domain, do I need a professional license?
    Yes, all commercial use of the menu will need a professional license or higher.

I bought a license for a site which was never completed, can I use it for another project?
    Yes provided you have valid support. The code with your altered url will need to be downloaded and licensed downloads are only possible with valid support.

I want to purchase a license and use it on my laptop. Can I download the software and put it on my laptop or do I need to download it on the machine I intend to use it on?
    The software can be used for development on any machine(s) but the license can only be used for it's declared location.

I've finished development on a client's site and want to transfer the license over to them, how do I do that?
    The easiest way is to create a Milonic account for them, let us know the details and we'll do the rest.

Where can a get a copy of your software License Agreement?

Why is the License Agreement so long?
    We need to try and fill any gap that could leave us in a difficult position. We have used an incredible amount of resources in order to provide you with some of the best web based software in the world. This takes time and effort and is something we need to protect

There is a statement in the License Agreement that says Milonic can provide the Licensee's name in any publication. I'd rather you didn't do this. Can I opt out of this section?
    Of course, custom license agreements are available on request.

    However, there may be an additional charge administration charge for our lawyers for making modifications to the existing license agreement

When I purchased a product from you, I recieved a license number. What do I do with this?
    This number is purely for both yours and our records.

    You can add this number to your data file or within the menu copyright comments to indicate that you support Milonic develop software for the future

I know of a site that is using your products and they do not appear to have a license, what should I do about this?
    Let us know about it. The chances are that the user already has a license and nothing will come of it.

    However, it is in all of our interests to ensure that Milonic Solutions Ltd are reimbersed for their hard efforts in creating this software. Without paying customers we would not be able to survive as a business.

    Although we do not like prosecuting anybody, as software developers we need to protect our Interlectual Property

I read that sub-domains are not considered part of the same license agreement. My web site currently uses directories for certain sections of our site. Do I need a license for each sub directory?
    Basically for sub-domains it's like this. If geocities, for example, gave every user a sub-domain. They could purchase a single pro License and then all of the thousands of sub-domains could be covered by this single license agreement.

    As you can see, this is not an ideal situation for us and so we need to make sure that we do not get taken for granted and have our product abused like this. Note: I'm not in anyway saying that Geocities would abuse our product in this way. They are a noble business and would probably make sure that we were reimbursed in a proper manner as is the case with most organizations. However, the problem for us is actually being in a position where this problem COULD occur. We try very hard to ensure that no loop holes can be found in our licensing agreement and this is the reason for asking you to contact us with regard to sub-sites.

    From looking at your proposed implementation of the menu. I see no reason why your sub-directory based method will cause any problem. You are permitted to promote your own products for your own company as far as the menu license is concerned and there are no restrictions to the number of pages, users or sub-directories on your web server.

    The only problems that will arise are if you decide to promote other companies from your sub-domains, I assume though that this is not what you are planning.

Should I have to purchase a License for each of my development servers? (We have Development Server, Testing Server and Production Server)
    All development environments are covered by your license so theres no need to have several licenses for different stages of testing.

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