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Office 2003 Style Menu

Office 2003 Style Menu
The Office 2003 Style Menu sample, demonstrates how to emulate a Microsoft Office 2003 style menu for your own website.

This sample uses a color scheme common to Microsoft Office 2003 and utilises the following properties:

Horizontal Orientation
Scroll Bars
Solid Borders
Solid Mouseover Borders
90% Opacity / 10% Transparency for Submenus
Drop Shadow for Submenus
Random Dissolve Outfilter for Submenus
Item Icons
Background Images
Mouseover Background Images
Sub Menu Indicators for Submenus
80% Separators, aligned right for specific items in Submenus

Downloading this sample will deliver all files needed to run this sample on your local machine.

  • Dynamic Downloads are possible for the Office 2003 Style Menu demo
  • The code for this menu sample will be generated on the fly and compiled into a .ZIP file format for downloading onto your own machine.

Click here to download this sample

Note that you need to be logged in to download the menus and the download delivered will depend on your current license status.

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