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DHTML Menus and Tooltips

DHTML Menus and Tooltips
The DHTML Menus and Tooltips sample, demonstrates the menus flexibility when it comes to using tool tips as part of your menu design.

Tool tips allow for additional information to be made available to your users by displaying associated text upon hovering for a specific amount of time over a menu item. In fact the tool tips code can be used for any HTML object that supports onMouseOver and onMouseOut. The login button in the left hand side of this website uses the same code to display tool tips. You can see this by placing the mouse cursor over the login image and leave it there for a second, you should then see a small window appear next to the mouse pointer explaining what the login button is for. This text changes depending on whether you are logged in or not.

There are 2 requirements for adding tool tips to your menus are:
  • 1. Declare the tool tip in your menu item. To do this add a menu item property called tooltip=YOUR TOOLTIP TEXT HERE; to your menu items like this: tooltip=Your Text Here;
  • 2. Ensure that you include the menu module tooltips.js as part of the menu definitions.

All associated code and files will be issued to you by downloading this sample

The code needed for adding tooltips to your HTML objects is:<a href="menu.htm" onmouseover="showtip('Here is some tool tip text')" onmouseout="popdown"><img src=/images/image.gif></a>

Note that this sample also demonstrates different text and styles for each menu item. Although global styles are used throughout the menu. Each property can be changed for each menu or menu item. Almost all of the properties that are declared in a global style can be modified for each separate menu item. A full list of each menu items passable parameters can be seen at our Menu Item Properties Quick Reference

If you wanted to change the font size for just one menu item it is possible to do so by declaring the property within the aI string. The aI string is where your menu item details are entered. The most important values for this field are text, url and showmenu. You can also declare the images, colors, font properties, in fact almost any property can be added to the aI text string.

The above is only a small selection of the passable parameters for menu items. The full list is at Menu Item Properties Quick Reference and list all passable parameters allowable for each menu item.

  • Dynamic Downloads are possible for the DHTML Menus and Tooltips demo
  • The code for this menu sample will be generated on the fly and compiled into a .ZIP file format for downloading onto your own machine.

Click here to download this sample

Note that you need to be logged in to download the menus and the download delivered will depend on your current license status.

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