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Menu Positioning With Offsets

Menu Positioning With Offsets
The Menu Positioning With Offsets demonstrates the Milonic JavaScript menus powerful positioning techniques.

The form to the right allows you to change the settings for screen position, offsets, follow scrolling and the orientation of the menu.

Although the menu appears by default at the top right corner, it can be moved to any position by selecting appropriate properties from the form.

Offsets can then be declared to position the menu by declaring pixel values in the top offset and left offset text boxes. Numeric Integer values are only permitted.

Follow Scrolling can be toggled and you can switch between a horizontal and vertical menu.
Top Offset
Left Offset

The Menu Positioning With Offsets demonstrates the Milonic JavaScript menus powerful positioning techniques.

This menu sample also demonstrates the dynamic power of the menu in relation to modifying properties without the need for a page refresh. Code is included within this download for changing the orientation of the menu from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

The properties used in the sample are:


screenposition can declare 1 or 2 parameters to this property. These are either top, left or center and top, middle or bottom. you can also combine one vertical and one horizontal property, such as "middle;center" - Note the 2 parameters must be separated by a semi colon and enclosed in quotes.

top and left can be either integer pixel values or offsets. By using offsets you will need to enclose the offset in quotes and declare like this: left="offset=-120";. This will move the menu over 120 in the negative position for the offset. In other words, if you position the menu with screenposition="center" and then delclare left="offset=-120" this will position the menu in the center of the page and then adjust this position by moving the menu a futher 120 pixels to the left. orientation is orientation for the menu, the 2 valid parameters for this property are "horizontal" and "vertical". The default for orientation is vertical and the parameter is not required if you need a vertical menu.

  • Dynamic Downloads are possible for the Menu Positioning With Offsets demo
  • The code for this menu sample will be generated on the fly and compiled into a .ZIP file format for downloading onto your own machine.

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