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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:03


Poster: laurie
Dated: Monday July 11 2011 - 9:35:01 BST

Hi, I'm sure there must be a simple answer to this but I'm at a loss to spot it right now

I'm using sample89_ver5_902 and I'd like to offset the sub menu background images to be centered underneath the main menu buttons, rather than be anchored top left. I assumed that the _subOffsetLeft parameter would do this, but to no avail. Anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong please?

Sample URL at: What I'd like it to do is:

Many thanks


Re: _subOffsetLeft

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday July 11 2011 - 12:28:18 BST


Try using a menu offset, like this:

with(milonic=new menuname("categories")){
aI("bgimage=graphics/sub_01.png;text=HOUSE BUILDERS;itemheight=38;url=index.php;");
aI("bgimage=graphics/sub_02.png;text=LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS & GARDEN DESIGNERS;itemheight=45;url=index.php;");
aI("bgimage=graphics/sub_03.png;text=OPEN CATEGORIES;itemheight=35;url=index.php;");

You can do both top and left offsets as well as positive and negative values.

Hope this helps,

Re: _subOffsetLeft

Poster: laurie
Dated: Monday July 11 2011 - 12:43:04 BST

Cheers Andy, worked a treat. All the best