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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:07

Need help with menu please

Poster: amckenziega
Dated: Thursday February 5 2009 - 23:45:10 GMT

I used the index.htm file that came with the script and I cannot get rid of the bottom links. When I delete them the menu at the top changes and does weird things. Here is a link to the page. You can see the text/links at the bottom of the screen.

Please help.


Re: Need help with menu please

Poster: Andy
Dated: Friday February 6 2009 - 9:43:43 GMT

There is some code at the bottom of your HTML that you need to remove, look for this:

Code: Select all

    Milonic DHTML Website Navigation Menu Version 5.0+
    Copyright 2006 (c) Milonic Solutions Limited (UK). All Rights Reserved.
    Please visit for more information.

    Although this software may have been freely downloaded, you must obtain a license before using it in any production environment.      
    The free use of this menu is only available for Non-Profit, Educational & Personal Web Sites who have obtained a license to use.
    Free, Commercial and Corporate Licenses are available from our website.
    You also need to include a link back to if you use the free license.
    All Copyright notices MUST remain in place at ALL times.
    This includes the first three lines of this notice on every page that uses the menu.
    If you cannot comply with all of the above requirements, please contact us to arrange a license waiver.

<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=13 border=0 style="border:1px solid #aaaaaa">

            <p><font color="#E1DBC6">Samples of even more positioning can be found on the following
            menu samples <a class=link href="">Attached
            to a Table Cell</a>  and <a class=link href="">Positioned
            with Offsets</a></font></td>

and just remove it - this will get rid of the links.

-- Andy

Re: Need help with menu please

Poster: amckenziega
Dated: Friday February 6 2009 - 13:19:44 GMT

Thanks for the reply Andy, when I delete this code it changes my menu (Home changes to MILONIC (all caps)). Any suggestions? I have searched all of the code for MILONIC and cant find it.


Re: Need help with menu please

Poster: John
Dated: Friday February 6 2009 - 14:30:56 GMT

You don't have your code set up properly for placement in a td. See this page for instructions.

As for the MILONIC link appearing, see this page.

Re: Need help with menu please

Poster: amckenziega
Dated: Friday February 27 2009 - 16:31:23 GMT

I'm trying the figure out how to embed the menu inside a table here

On most of the pages the menu is in the correct place but there are several pages it is moving over. I started out using a template so none of the width in anything changes.

Please help.

Re: Need help with menu please

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday February 27 2009 - 17:26:56 GMT


In order to help we really need to see the pages where it's 'moving' over to see what the issue is. When you set it as position='relative'; and call all the files in the cell or div where you want it, you also have to have buildAfterLoad=true; up at the top of the file in the _subOffset area. If you don't want to use the buildAfterLoad statement then you need to place the menu in the table using the other method. See this topic for two links for explanations of putting the menu relatively in a table or div