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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:28

ToolTips question

Poster: Arc
Dated: Wednesday October 3 2007 - 23:59:29 BST

I noticed on your tooltips page you have an example of a tooltip that sits on top of objects like dropdowns and flash objects.

If I have a website made in frames with a lower and upper frame and I have a tooltip popup near the upper frame, will the tooltip partialy disapear under the upper frame or will it display on top of the upper frame? I ask because I am having this issue with another tooltip program I am using and apparently there is no work around for it, so before I buy this product I would like to know the answer to that question.

The standard windows title="stuff here" work fine as far as staying on top of the frames, but there are no options for formatting them and I need to display an html table of information.


Re: ToolTips question

Poster: Arc
Dated: Saturday October 6 2007 - 0:59:37 BST

Anyone have a clue about this?

Re: ToolTips question

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Saturday October 6 2007 - 6:27:33 BST


The tooltip should show in the frame in which the item sits that opened the tip. So, whether it will go 'behind' another frame depends on where its parent item is and how big the frame is in which that parent sits. If you have a frame set as a fixed size with no scrolling then whatever is larger than that size is on the part of the page in the frame that doesn't show. You can't get something in one frame to show part of itself in that frame and then go across the frame border and show the rest of it in the other.

Most people think, OK I have a browser and I've divided it into 3 'areas' so when I put something in area 1, if it's bigger than the area size I have set the extra stuff should go over to area 2. But, though this is not an exact analogy, think of the 'main' browser where you see the file, edit, view, url and such as having had 3 other browsers put inside it and set to either specific sizes or with scroll bars. So in effect you have 3 different browsers inside of it and you can't have a page in one browser go across to the other one. For example, if I could set my browser to be x size with no scroll bars allowed and I opened a page that is bigger than my setting, I couldn't open another browser and expect the extra part of the page to go across and see it in the new browser window.

There is one way you can do something that gets menu items to open across them and that is to use iframes instead of frames since the menu will drop over iframes in most browsers. Unless it has been fixed Opera was an exception since it treated iframes exactly like frames whereas other browsers treated an iframe as part of the existing page which an iframe is. i.e. iframe=inline frame.

Hope this helps. Sorry for the long explanation but hopefully it will help any who have similar types of questions about frames.