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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:23

"Bug" in Treemenu.js

Poster: rjmjr9
Dated: Saturday October 28 2006 - 22:31:34 BST

I have 2 menus that each have sub-menus.
The first is a tab menu. Its sub-menu drops down into a horizontal line. The tab has a clickbdimage set. This menu works fine as long as the treemenu.js is not specified in the page. When treemenu.js is specified in the page, the clickbgimage on the tab changes as it should, BUT does not change back when you click on another tab. You have to click on the tab again to get it to change back. All the tabs behave this way. The text color is doing the same. Again, this only happens when treemenu.js is specified in the page.

I have 2 menus that have sub-menus AND they both need to be main menus. Therefore I can not use singleMainMenu=true. My second menu is using treemenu.js. It does not close a branch of a parent when a different parent is clicked unless I use singleMainMenu=true. What do I do?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 0:44:23 BST


Can you provide a page for us to see what you're trying to do?


YES, Samples Here

Poster: rjmjr9
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 1:17:25 BST

1: Represents treemenu NOT being on web page and 2nd menu not in web page either.

2: Represents treemenu IN being on web page and 2nd menu not in web page.

3: Represents treemenu IN being on web page and 2nd menu also in web page.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 6:35:08 GMT


Try putting the call for the treemenu.js file after the tree_data file. That does make the tab menu work correctly, however, I can't seem to get the treemenu submenu to open in IE when I mouseover to call it. It does show up in FF. You might have to post again if the original issue is solved and ask about the other since I can't figure out what the problem is.


Poster: rjmjr9
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 17:09:25 GMT

In example 3: I moved treemenu.js as suggested. The result is the same. I am also not sure why IE will not display the second menu.

In addition to the above:

Please look at:

When you click on the HOME tab, the background does not change. The only effects assigned is a mouseoff color change for the text and a background change and it is not changing the background. It shows the sub menu as if onclick = 1 were not there. The other tabs behave as designed and the way the HOME tab should behave.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 22:13:45 GMT


I didn't get to the new page because I didn't even see the link for it, I did get the old one working as to showing the 1st tab submenu correctly and having the treemenu show from that on mouseover.

[Edit: Link removed]

There is a link to the left to download the two data files. Make sure you don't unzip them into the same folder as your originals since I didn't rename them and you don't want to over write what you have.

As to not working in IE that is to do with the top=70;left=700; that you have in the styles in the tree_data.js file. Once I removed them it worked fine. [I also removed the /* things to check the subs in the tree]

You are going to have some problems and I can't solve them. I think you'll need to post another help question or contact Milonic.

When you get to the page, click on PC Help, then mouseover Section 1. The menu comes up, click on Sec 01 Page 01 to open the tree submenu, that works. But now, mouseover any item in the main menu [the problem shows better if you do it there, though it still occurs if you mouseover in the PC Help Menu.] Note that although the Tree menu closes the submenu that was opened in it doesn't. I am unable to figure the problem and think you'll need some more advanced help for this.


Poster: rjmjr9
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 22:44:01 GMT

Thank you for your help. I have the file. I am going to start a new thread and work on this from the top.

Again, thank you.

PS: How do I get in touch wilth Milonic?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday October 29 2006 - 22:49:15 GMT


Since you have a pro license you can use the support system.