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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:48

Problem with Firefox, scroll bar does not appear

Poster: elly __at__
Dated: Monday November 13 2006 - 2:25:16 GMT

I have a horizontal menu list, and the sub menu is vertical (Milonic code of course). Some of the submenu in vertical orders are quite long though. Without using frame on the web page, it appears good both in firefox and IE. But when it comes to frame pages, the sub menu was truncated because of the frame size. It looks like appear below the other frame.

So, the next step I add : Overflow="scroll", this solve the problem well in IE, BUT in Firefox, scroll bar appears as horizontal scroll bar! Not a Vertical Scroll Bar.

I need help to get this working also on the Firefox. Sorry for not providing links due to security problem. Hope somebody can help. Thanks in advance

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday November 13 2006 - 2:58:42 GMT


If you are using a frames page you cannot use the regular menu unless you have it set to fit into the 'visible' part of the frame. Unlike say divs or layers, dhtml objects that are in frames cannot go across the frames 'boundaries' In general terms frames pages are like having one browser window into which you've opened x number of other browser windows [i.e. your frames are each like a separate browser window with it's own page] So, trying to get a dhtml object to open across the frames is like trying to get it to open out of it's own browser window and over another browser window. Sort of :lol: but I'm sure you get the idea.

You have to use the frames menu which was designed for being used in frames and there is one in the download. When you unzip the menu you will get a folder called extras, in that folder is another one called frames. That has the 'example' for the frames menu.

You can also see the sample here on the web

Hope this helps.


Poster: elly __at__
Dated: Tuesday November 14 2006 - 7:19:29 GMT

Hi Ruth,
Thanks for your help. I tried but it doesn't work, maybe my page too complicated.

Here it goes :
Header frame is ok (php files go here)
Side frame is ok (php file go here)
Body frame, here is the problem. Because jsp files goes here. Previously, I use html framing and call to jsp files (note that this files need session check on the link). From html frame, just set the frame source to the file location.

But now, the sub menu file (menu_data_body.php) itself must be put in jsp files, correct? Here goes the problem, since the server for php running on apache and java is running on tomcat.

Lets go back to the my previous style of menu. Is it any possible way to bring forward the submenu when it display on the body frame?

Thanks in advance!

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday November 14 2006 - 9:20:59 GMT


I'm not sure at all what you mean about the menu_data_body.php has to be in the js files? None of the data files go into js files, well I mean if you're making their extensions php they are just php. Only the program files remain js file, i.e. mmenudom.js, milonic_src.js, mmenuns4.js. But, each frame that has a menu on the page has to have the program files plus the menu_data files. Have you put up a test page to try it? We really need that to see what you mean, at least I do.

As to using the other menu and getting the submenus to drop from one frame to the other, no, you can't get a menu in one frame to open it's submenus partly in that frame and partly in the other. Think of it like this, you have two sliding windows in your living room side by side. You open the right window sliding the opening part toward the left, well, it will only go to its window frame, you can't slide it through the frame and into the other window.

The frames menu IS opening sub menus outside the top frame, and the side frame, those are the menu_data_body menu. The demo was set up to have submenus show in the body from both the side main and the header main, so that people could see it can be used in both layouts, but you could have one or the other if you only wanted the main at the top you'd just leave out the menu_data_side.js main menu.

Please put up a test page so we can see what it is you mean. Your other choice is to go from frames to iframes for your layout. Since iframes are inline, that is part of the html code on the page, the menu will drop over an iframe.


Poster: elly __at__
Dated: Friday November 17 2006 - 1:24:49 GMT

Hi again Ruth,
I have overcomed my problem with jsp and php. Now everything is working fine, exept 1 thing... (still have problem hee hee)
The submenu appear quite far away from the main menu. So there looks like a gap between main menu and sub menu. What must I do to get them stick together?
Thank you...

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday November 17 2006 - 5:01:26 GMT

Hi Elly,

I'm sorry I can't help you with that unless you can put up a page so I can see what's going on. I have no idea what's causing it, placement of the main menu, something in the body frame, something in the css or html coding.


Poster: elly __at__
Dated: Tuesday November 21 2006 - 6:20:48 GMT

Hi Ruth,
Never mind, I can not post it here since I developed in the internal server. Haven't go online yet, so now cannot access from outside.
Thousands of thanks for your helps

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday November 21 2006 - 8:11:29 GMT


Many do not yet have a page online yet. If they need help, they post the html, the css and the menu_data information here on the forum and we try to make a page and see if we can find the problem. If your site is frames, you'd need to post the main frameset html and the html for each frame in the frameset, plus any css and the menu data files for each i.e. the header/main menu and the submenu files.

If this is not a frameset but the menu is in a table, make sure you have placed it in the table according to instructions.