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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:48

My subimages have vanished!

Poster: elvira
Dated: Monday November 13 2006 - 14:44:30 GMT

I'm sure it must be something quite simple, but this has been driving me demented all morning: can anybody tell me why my subimages are suddenly not visible? I've only got the Red Cross, both on my working site on my own computer and the test page I've uploaded ( )

They worked OK on Friday (I've got witnesses) and although I didn't think of checking this morning and I did experiment a bit with putting all my 'new menu' work in the same folder and then thought better of it, as far as I can make out everything is exactly as it's supposed to be, and the images are both definitely still there at

The relevant part of my script goes like this:

with(menuStyle=new mm_style()){
fontfamily="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif";
overfilter="blinds(duration=0.2);Alpha(opacity=100);Shadow(color=#777777', Direction=90, Strength=3)";
submenuStyle=new copyOf(menuStyle)

Can anyone please tell me what's wrong with it? Or shall I just go ahead and cut my throat? :(


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday November 14 2006 - 0:34:21 GMT

Hi Elvira,

Very strange. When I run your code locally (since you have full urls), the subimages show up fine. But when I load your test page from your server... no subimages. So, I used FireFox's DOM Inspector to look at the menu objects. When run locally, the subimage src for your "Prospectus 07-08" item is

But when I look at the page loaded from your server, the subimage src for the same menu item (and all of them with submenus) is

So it's trying to find some strange filename in a relative path... newmenu/... not finding the file, you get the red X. The text is reminiscent of an encoded URL string. I have no idea why it's doing that! It's as if the code is being served from some cache along the way... from a version that you were working on earlier, with your "new menu". But the menu_data.js file in my local cache has the correct image setting.

I don't blame you for going crazy on this one. I wish I could offer an easy solution, but nothing comes to mind. Although, if it were my site and my server, I'd probably recycle my router and firewall and reboot my server. Short of that, maybe this info will give your netwok techs a clue.

One little thing I did notice in your menu_data.js code. You're missing an opening single quote in your menuStyle's overfilter... In the color setting for the Shadow effect, color=#777777' should be color='#777777' but I doubt that'd explain the main thing.


Poster: elvira
Dated: Tuesday November 14 2006 - 12:14:39 GMT

Well, I suppose it's a sop to my self-esteem that you're baffled too! :roll: 'newmenu' was the folder I temporarily put my work in before I changed my mind and took it all out again, and it has obviously somehow left invisible traces. Isn't technology wonderful? :? I wonder if I can shake it off by starting again from scratch, or whether I'm going to be haunted by it forever?

Thanks anyway, at least now I can stop scouring the script for missing or superfluous blank space or apostrophes.

LATER: Sorted! :D On a hunch that it was one of those that had got corrupted, I recopied from the original download all the various menu files except the data one and that did the trick. I'm still not much wiser, but at least the little arrows are back.
My public will probably now tell me they liked it better without the arrows.

Thanks again, Kevin

(ps I don't suppose you realised when you chose your picture that in our country, 'Mickey Mouse' is a byword for all that is bogus and unreliable? ;) )