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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:06

Problems viewing menu

Poster: Aid
Dated: Wednesday May 3 2006 - 15:26:10 BST

The site in question is
There is a Milonics Nav bar on the left of the screen.

All was working fine until i reloaded windows XP on my PC and I can no longer see this nav bar at all.

I have done the following
Updated all windows updates including internet explorer 7 and XP SP2
I have check that I am running the latest Java using this and all seems Ok.
I have also tried using Opera 8.54 and this has the same results.

Im not the only one with this problem. Ive been talking to someone else with the exact same problem. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction.

Poster: Aid
Dated: Wednesday May 3 2006 - 17:07:05 BST

I seem to have got a step closer

The nav on the web site is run by 2 js files

for some reason my pc is blocking the menu_array file. I can down load it, but when i view it in notepad its just an empty file. I got my Dad to download it and email it to me. If i run the Index page from me desk top and use the file email to me from my Dad the nav bar works.

now why and how is my pc blocking this file.

also if i view the 2 js files in opera the mmenu.js runs and i can see all the script, but when i try the menu_array.js i just get a blank screen.

I have tried turning off Norton but there is no difference

Any ideas


Poster: Migru
Dated: Thursday May 4 2006 - 0:31:36 BST


you are using the menu version 3.
I´m quoting John
As always, the most current version of the menu is available at Also keep in mind that the latest full version is the only officially supported code.

In this regard please see: