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Taken From The Forum: Milonic News
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:05

New web-based Milonic admin system

Poster: lsalsich
Dated: Monday May 22 2006 - 0:24:25 BST

Hi All,

I wanted to let you all know that after a long time in development my php-mysql admin system for Milonic is now in 'beta' and ready for some testing.

A quick overview (more on my site):

1) I built a custom demo feature on our site ( which allows each tester to have their very own demo for 24 hours. This is a fully-functional install of the system - just on my server. Get your personal demo here [url] ... &Itemid=37

2) The system supports virtually ANY and ALL menus and styles that Milonic can generate due to it's flexibility and features. This isn't some 'limited' and 'basic' administration tool.

3) Please post bugs, suggestions and comments in the forum at The more comments and bug reports we get the better the final product will be.

3) the system is called PHPMadmin and will be a commercial product available for purchase after beta testing (June or July, 2006) for under $30.00 US. Visit our site at

4) PHPMadmin does NOT alter the Milonic menu in any way - it simply makes the management of menus in web pages easier. You will still need to purchase a license from Milonic to use the actual menu code.

This started out as a project for my own use to admin my Milonic menus and over the months has grown into so much more. So, I thought I would open it up to the community. Gotta love the work of the Milonic team.