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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:06

collapsible menu, open child menu using openBranchbyName

Poster: chrisatcox
Dated: Wednesday May 3 2006 - 14:04:22 BST

I'm using a horizontal menu and a collapsible menu on the same page. Both use relative positioning inside table cells.

The menu data files are generated dynamically at run time based on various parameters. The menus are used inside Plumtree Portal as custom navigation.

In development Env. all is fine, in QA Env the problems begin with the tree menu. Both Env. are identical (in theory!). I'm only supporting IE 6.0+ and I had to ignore some of the guidelines for relative positioning. The entire menu data structure is contained inside the same table cell. This has not been a problem until the collapsible menu was added (and then only in some environments).

The collapsible menu is renedered based on a selected made in the horizontal menu. Then the correct sub menu in collapsible menu is opened using openBranchByName(). Works great in dev. In QA the sub menu is opened at the top of the browser overlaying the main body of the collapsible menu.

If I click on the parent node of the floating sub menu, the floating menu disappears, (collapses), clicking the same parent again causes the menu to function correctly.

Any help is appreciated!

Providing the html for the page is possible, however, Plumtree generates massive amounts of javascript and html just to render a single page. I'd prefer to email the html if needed.

Poster: Brannmark
Dated: Monday August 21 2006 - 7:24:09 BST

Same problem here. Child menus open before page load has finsihed causing "overlay" and wrong postion of child menu.

Going to try and add the openBranchByName() function to the bottom of my page, but it would have been nicer if the openBranchByName() function itself would figure out when page load is done. Anyway to get it to do this?