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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:16

Transparent Main Menu leaves a scrollable device visible

Poster: klz
Dated: Monday January 30 2006 - 20:56:53 GMT

Hello All

When i make my main menu background transparent so that i can overlay my menu over graphics it leaves what appears to be a scrollable window/div/cell of which i cannot identify.

Note: I am attempting this using both the XPstyled horizontal or the basic grey horizontal menus.

I used to be able to do this using the version 3 product.



Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 14:18:15 GMT

Got a URL we can see (as requested)?

unable to post url in my post as the menu is working again,

Poster: klz
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 15:24:52 GMT

hello peoples

I believe i can shed some more light . . . . because:

1) The website menu in my example URL is now working. I believe this to be because the code used in the site was version 3 and i believe the menu was turned off because the nice people at milonic thought this site was a commercial venue.

2) The problem discussed in my post is still present
(i have the back ground set to a color until we resolve this)

the item i mentioned in my original post looked like a DIV which had the autoscroll attribute turned on.

The problem i am experiecing happens when i make the Main Menu backgrounds transparent in an attempt to create the same effect as shown in the below url.
(Note: URL below depicts a site using version 3 code but shows a menu with backgrounds transparent as i need for the site using version 5)

Regards and thanks for your time on this.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 16:27:01 GMT


I'm sorry to say we won't be able to help on this. You are using a version of the menu that is 2 1/2 years old. We would have no idea what properties were available at that time and how the menu program functioned back then.

You need to download the newest version of the menu. There have been changes, for example there is no script path anymore in the new version, so you have to code for the mmenudom.js and mmenuns4.js files just like for the milonic_src.js

Try the newest version and see if the problem is resolved. Many things were added, fixed, modified over the last years of development and perhaps the problem is no longer there.


No...i'm using the old code because new code doesn't work

Poster: klz
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 16:55:02 GMT


The problem is with version 5
The example of what i require is shown on the URL sites below.
I have 2 sites with version 5 . . both have the problem . . . but i cannot use the version 5 product until i resolve this. <----- 1st site using 5 with the problem

(Note: This is what i don't want the menu to look like) <----- 2nd site using old version because of problems with 5

(Note: this is what i need the menu to look like after installation...main menu with transparent background as shown)

as shown in the rossmere site above, the menu is setup (stuck in like some after thought) like you see it because i cannot get 5 to work with main menu tranparent background as shown in the URL i gave you previously.

Thanks again for your time on this


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 17:43:17 GMT


I'm not really sure what the problem is.

Change your offbgcolor and onbgcolor to offbgcolor="transparent"; onbgcolor="transparent"; remove the borderwidth=1; since that puts a border around the menu, and the menu looks like the other one, no bgcolor, no border, just the text.

If you are talking about the box that shows up when you mouseover the item that's the onborder="1px solid #316AC5";

I tested this in IE5.5, FF1.0.2, NN7.1 and it looks fine.

If this doesn't work can you get us a screenshot, since we dont' seem to be seeing the problem. And what browsers have this problem?


so i think i can clarify for both of us

Poster: klz
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 18:50:50 GMT

I inherited these site contracts....

i got a call a couple of nights ago...every site which used the Milonic menus were visible but where the menus were supposed to be...a long rectangle (approximately the same size as the menu used to be) appeared and the right hand end of the rect had tiny sroll arrows.

My guess, is that my predecssor used some outdated or illegitimate code.
My solution was to purchase copies of Version 5 and reinstall.

I spent 1.5 days of my weekend trying to find the cause on the rossmere site....
by the time i got to KLZ the menu was working again.

Here is my theory..please substantiate
There is a link requirement which keeps the code working...when you made changes to the new milonic website etc it killed the link and made the menus non-functional.

The atrifact that caused this series of posts is what is left of the DIV code etc if the menu becomes non-functional.

my non-working menus corrected themselves when the new version 5 licenses took effect.

am i close :-)

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 19:27:28 GMT


There is a link requirement for the free menu, not for the purchased menu, though Milonic appreciates any note of use of their menu.

I can't answer specifically on your supposition, but I would bet you are probably right.

I wish I could have seen the site when it had the problem, that little tiny scroll arrows sounds really weird. The only time I've seen that was when someone had a special function to make a div that would scroll the menu right and left.


in conclusion... :-)

Poster: klz
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 20:36:50 GMT

I will be working on this soon so if it is still a problem when i implenet the final code suggestion from above we will have our confirmation.

Thanks again, youve been most helpful


P.s. no need to reply to this (hopefully) last submission :-)