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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:17

Tooltip, Images, IFrames, IE and Firefox

Poster: ecg921 __at__
Dated: Thursday January 19 2006 - 23:22:51 GMT

I am using an IFrame with a street map in it. I place icons on it using a Milonic floating menu (the menu is on the parent page.) For instance, I click 'Show Cameras' and all the camera icons, associated with the streets shown, appear. Now each camera icon is a Milonic menu with an image, absolute positioning, and a tooltip. When the icon is moused over, the tooltip opens up and displays an image from the actual live(real) camera the icon represents.

Remember that the map and icons are in the IFrame but the floating menu is part of the parent.

Now, in IE the tooltip works pretty good. Except, on occassion, the tooltip opens up and you can't see all the tooltip image because it exceeds the edge of the IFrame. If you rollover the same icon again, the tooltip usually fixes itself and displays all of the image by repositioning.

In FireFox, however, it doesn't matter where on the page the icon is placed the tooltip usually shows up, if at all, in the upper right hand corner of the IFrame and cutting off part of the tooltip/camera image by exceeding the edge of the IFrame.

At this point, let me point out that I a tried using tootip v2.2 and the menu version 5.739 and pre-release version 5.740 but things only got worse. For example, my floating menu is suppose to automatically center itself, but in v5.740 it lined up to the right. And in both 5.739 and 5.740, FireFox would not display my icon tooltip even though the tooltip worked fine for my regular navigation menu. For the icons in v2.2, it was unclear if I should use 'tooltip=' or 'onfunction=showTip('')'. I tried both and the tooltip did not work in IE or FF at all with 'tooltip='. So, I am using tooltip version 1.3 and menu verison 5.733.

You can see my development site at:

Only 'Show Cameras' is working and it shows a lot of them. Rollover ones at the top, in the middle, on the sides, and at the bottom to see what I am talking about.

I welcome all input from anybody on how to resolve this issue of the image being cut off in both IE and FF.

Oh yeah, I am using IE 6 and FF 1.0.7 with WinXP Pro.

P.S. I just Upgraded FF to 1.5. It no longer puts the tooltip images in the upper right hand corner but it does cut them off by exceeding the IFrame edge as described above. However, it does seem to correct itself after rolling over the same icon 2-3 more times. That is not what I really want. I need for it to be correct on the first rollover.

I forgot to mention before that when the page first loads in FF you have to click 'Show Cameras' twice before the icons will display. This isn't a problem in IE. I should also mention that the regular menus don't have this problem in FF either.



Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 21:50:23 GMT

Hi Eric,

Did you ever get this solved? Have you tried the newest menu and tooltips versions?


Tooltip, Images, IFrames, IE and Firefox

Poster: ecg921 __at__
Dated: Tuesday January 31 2006 - 22:05:06 GMT

No. I have not had the chance to test this particular problem with the newest menu and toolitp.

Honestly, I went with a different tooltip. It opens quicker and resolved my issues with FF. It will adjust itself without having to rollover it several more times.

I didn't get a helpful response to my problem quickly enough and I didn't have the time to wait. I tried the latest code at the time of this initial post and it only made things worse. The tooltip I am using on the page I posted allows me to put dynamic HTML on a timer (think animation) into it as well but it follows the mouse movement, which I don't like.

I did put in a support request for this and they said try the latest menu and bolt-ons, but, like I said, by that time I already found the other tooltip. I have updated to the newest menu and bolt-ons.

I am using the Milonic tooltip in other places and if I have time I will go back and see if I can get the Milonic toolitp to work on the page in question.

Thanks for the follow up.