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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:18

Tool tips help

Poster: Bozzy
Dated: Friday January 13 2006 - 12:25:41 GMT

I have added the tooltip functionality to the logos at the bottom of the page: ... ndex.shtml

In ie:

1. The box appears off the left of the screen, then as you move your mouse it jumps underneath the logo
2. on the hksg logo it doesnt (but I don' think anything has been done differently)

In mozilla:

1. the boxes appear but very narrow and tall
2. they are in a fixed position

Can anyone please help explain the above for me in both browsers?


Poster: vikenk
Dated: Friday January 13 2006 - 13:50:59 GMT


Two things to look at. I see that you have Menu ver 5.739. Try using the 5.740 Pre-release version. There were many tooltip fixes made in that version. It works great for me. Others had also noticed the tooltips disappearing on mouse movement.

Also, about the narrow tooltips in Firefox: In your toolips.js file, I noticed that you have M_maxTipWidth=370 in your global settings. This is supposed to set the max width but, in my experience, I have never gotten this setting to work. For *any* value I had set, I always got tall narrow boxes. So I disabled that setting with the double-slash (//) and instead used the "itemwidth" property in the tooltips style. That got a much more consistent result. Try this in your tooltips.js file:
with(M_toolTipStyle=new mm_style()){
     itemwidth = 370;
    offbgcolor = "#ffffbb";
      offcolor = "#000000";
   bordercolor = "#999999";
   borderstyle = "solid";
       padding = 1
   borderwidth = 1
      fontsize = "11px";
     fontstyle = "normal";
    fontfamily = "arial, tahoma, verdana";     
    overfilter = "Fade(duration=0.0);Shadow(color='#777777', Direction=135, Strength=5)"

That may make things a bit more stable. Milonic has not introduced any documentation on te tooltips yet, so we don't really know what the limitations of M_maxTipWidth=370 really are.

Hope this helps.

Viken K.

thanks for the help

Poster: Bozzy
Dated: Tuesday January 17 2006 - 9:39:59 GMT

I did what you said and upgraded the version. It fixed the box jumping issue and the mozilla width issue - thanks.

Now though I am getting a js error when the buildtip function initiates which wasn't happening previously using the older version. Any ideas on what is causing it?