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Taken From The Forum: Anything Goes
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:18

SCombo... maybe...

Poster: BTAtlas
Dated: Monday January 16 2006 - 1:45:29 GMT

I am in the process of building a website that caters to the needs of business travelers... a variety of main categories, that I refer to as Opedias... Wine, Dine, Travel, Golf, etc., with multiple subcategories under each... Wine Restaurants, Wineries, Wines, Wine Tours, etc.

It covers a number of cities as well... so the example of SCombo makes sense to me.

What is somewhat confusing to me is that I want to allow the user to make two selections... one by the Opedia and and sub-category... and one by City/State...

In the course of browsing my site, I'd like the user to be able to change one of the selections without impacting the other... and recieve the updated information they want... for example... they may be looking at hotels in New York, and then change to fitness centers... without respecifying New York... or they may be looking at golf courses in Orlando and change to Tampa... again without respecifying golf courses...

Is this an appropriate use of SCombo?