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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:18

Odd Menu Item Padding

Poster: ShawnO
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 20:42:16 GMT

I have just updated to 5.739 from 5.737 and I have a problem with what seems to be menu item padding in one of the menu's I have on my pages.

First, I went from 5.737 to 739 because certain items would open in a new window, whether they were supposed to or not. 739 fixed that problem. But now I have the item spacing problem.

I only have 1px of padding in my menu so I can't see that as the source of the problem. Also, it only appears on the menu when there aren't enough items to turn the scroll bar on.

The menu in question is the green menu at the top right corner of the screen. The blue menu system is fine - but it's sizing is dynamic, whereas the green one's size is fixed... it seems the menu items are resizing the height to the available space.

This page has a problem:

This page is fine:

The second page doesn't have a problem because there are many items in the green submenu at the top of the page.

Any ideas?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 5:12:58 GMT

Hi Shawn,

It's the menuheight=menH; You have that set to 122 so the menu is 122px high and the items are spreading out to fill the space. As you noted in the other one there are so many items that the scroll takes over and the items fill the space plus space seen when you scroll.


Poster: ShawnO
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 16:07:03 GMT

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the reply.

I would like to have the menu size the same no matter if there is one item or 10. If there is only a couple of items, then they should be listed at the top (not spaced out) like it was in all the previous versions. If there are enough items, the menu needs to scroll and not expand further into the page.

In the previous versions, the menu items wouldn't spread out to fill the space and that is the functionality I would like to get back to.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 16:14:38 GMT

I'll pass it along to Milonic.


Poster: ShawnO
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 16:16:45 GMT

Thanks for the help Ruth!

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 17:06:56 GMT


In the meantime, if you add this to that submenu it seems to shift it all to the top as in the previous versions

aI('text= ;type=header;headerbgcolor=#006C50;headercolor=#000000;');

Note the headerbgcolor in the item is the same as the offbgcolor for the menu.


Poster: ShawnO
Dated: Friday January 6 2006 - 17:11:06 GMT

Good stuff... it forces the scroll bar, but it looks better than the expanded ones.