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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:19

Menu crashes Firefox 1.5

Poster: fotono
Dated: Wednesday January 4 2006 - 11:05:40 GMT

On our website (norways larges photography site with more than 6 million pageviews per mont) we are using the latest release of the Milonic Menu. After FireFox 1.5 was released we are getting an increasing amount of complaints from users that when clicking around in the menu this crashes Firefox. I have downloaded Firefox 1.5 and tried to reproduce, but am unable to get fireFox to crash.

Can anyone help me in figuring out WHY it is crashing the browser? Anyone else experiencing the same?

Regards David

Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday January 4 2006 - 11:34:53 GMT


I've just been through you're site and it seems fine for me too.

Do you know if this happens on any particular operating system.

I only tried Windows XP on a PC but it could be happening on Unix or Macs. If you can find out, let us know and we'll dig a little deeper.

-- Andy

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday January 4 2006 - 13:56:10 GMT

I've tried FF1.5 on both Mac OS X and Win XP Pro. No problems at all with either of them.

Poster: fotono
Dated: Wednesday January 4 2006 - 13:56:56 GMT

Hi Andy,

Reported to happen both on Linux and XP with firefix 1.5, and Mac with crashed in both Firefox 1.5 and Camino 1.0b2.

A user has also downloaded newest firefox build, firefox-1.6a1 with working title "Deer Park Alpha" with same result.

From user: "Crashes on all menu items, but have to go between one item to another and back again for it to happen. Sometimes have to do it several times to make it crash, but usually crashes before this"

I'm trying to get a screen shot with error msg from one of the users when this happens as I still can't reproduce it myself


Poster: fotono
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 12:01:19 GMT

Actually managed to get firefox to crash on my PC too today. What I did was to click rather quickly between the menus 9-10 times. Now comes every time if you click quickly enough!

This created an unhandled exception. Bringing this into the debugger of visual studio gave this exception:

Unhandled exception at 0x00551112 in firefox.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.


00551088 lea edx,[ebp-28h]
0055108B push edx
0055108C mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp-4]
0055108F movzx edx,word ptr [esi+14h]
00551093 push dword ptr [esi+10h]
00551096 mov eax,dword ptr [ecx]
00551098 inc edx
00551099 push edx
0055109A push dword ptr [esi+8]
0055109D push dword ptr [edi+0ECh]
005510A3 call dword ptr [eax+20h]
005510A6 dec dword ptr [edi+0E4h]
005510AC mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-1Ch]
005510AF dec dword ptr ds:[0ACF968h]
005510B5 mov dword ptr [edi+14h],eax
005510B8 and byte ptr [esi+17h],0
005510BC push dword ptr [ebp-4]
005510BF movzx ebx,byte ptr [esi+16h]
005510C3 mov ecx,esi
005510C5 call 00551219
005510CA test ebx,ebx
005510CC jne 005511D3
005510D2 mov eax,dword ptr [esi+1Ch]
005510D5 test eax,eax
005510D7 je 00551137
005510D9 push eax
005510DA call dword ptr ds:[907C80h]
005510E0 add dword ptr [esi+20h],eax
005510E3 pop ecx
005510E4 call dword ptr ds:[907C30h]
005510EA mov ecx,dword ptr [esi+20h]
005510ED sub ecx,eax
005510EF jns 005510F3
005510F1 xor ecx,ecx
005510F3 push ecx
005510F4 call dword ptr ds:[907D14h]
005510FA cmp eax,0Ah
005510FD pop ecx
005510FE jge 00551103
00551100 push 0Ah
00551102 pop eax
00551103 lea ebx,[esi+0Ch]
00551106 push 0
00551108 push eax
00551109 push esi
0055110A mov ecx,dword ptr [ebx]
0055110C push 551553h
00551111 push ecx
00551112 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx]
00551114 call dword ptr [edx+10h]
00551117 test eax,eax
00551119 jns 00551137
0055111B mov eax,dword ptr [ebx]
0055111D push eax
0055111E mov ecx,dword ptr [eax]
00551120 call dword ptr [ecx+18h]
00551123 push 0
00551125 mov ecx,ebx
00551127 call dword ptr ds:[9090B0h]
0055112D push dword ptr [ebp-4]
00551130 mov ecx,esi
00551132 call 00551219
00551137 and dword ptr [ebp-0Ch],0
0055113B lea ebx,[esi+0Ch]
0055113E mov eax,dword ptr [ebx]
00551140 test eax,eax
00551142 je 0055116D
00551144 cmp dword ptr [esi+1Ch],0
00551148 je 00551153
0055114A mov dword ptr [ebp-0Ch],1
00551151 jmp 0055116D
00551153 mov ecx,dword ptr [eax]
00551155 push eax
00551156 call dword ptr [ecx+18h]
00551159 push 0
0055115B mov ecx,ebx
0055115D call dword ptr ds:[9090B0h]
00551163 push dword ptr [ebp-4]
00551166 mov ecx,esi
00551168 call 00551219
0055116D mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp+8]
00551170 mov eax,dword ptr [esi+38h]
00551173 test ecx,ecx
00551175 mov dword ptr [ebp-1Ch],eax
00551178 jne 00551182
0055117A mov dword ptr [edi+0D8h],eax
00551180 jmp 00551185
00551182 mov dword ptr [ecx+38h],eax
00551185 push dword ptr [ebp-4]
00551188 mov ecx,esi
0055118A call 00551219
0055118F cmp dword ptr [ebp-0Ch],0
00551193 je 005511A3
00551195 push esi
00551196 mov ecx,edi
00551198 push dword ptr [edi+0DCh]


Poster: Migru
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 12:16:00 GMT


It is not very difficult to get FF crash, even with version 1.5 ....