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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:19

Floating Menu / Floating

Poster: Simcfc73
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 13:06:28 GMT

Its me again.

I still haven't got it live as I have no artistic talent and am struggling making it look okay.

My question is regarding the bottom floating menu that follows the scroll. I would like a solid white line the same width as the border all the way along the bottom so the menu has a outline. I want to do it 100% so its like a bottom border (if that makes sense), kinda like the grey border I have now at the bottom.

I'm stumped how to do this, I've tried creating another menu with 100% width and the colour I require but it doesn't work. I'm sure its something simple which I have missed.

Just on another matter is there a way to put the language thingy on my website which uses a javascript switch to run inside a menu dropdown.

I'll have hundreds of menus on a single page before long.

Poster: John
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 14:36:28 GMT

Hello me again!

There are a few things that need cleaning up first.

1. You're 4 versions down. Get up to level (v5.739).

2. Confused as to why you have so many styles in individual script tags. Combine them into one.

3. The menu really doesn't like being cooped up in a div. You have it inside 2 divs!

4. At the bottom of your _data file you have 2 menu definitions with the same name (Scroller). NG.

Anyway, see I didn't bring in all the images, so you'll have to shorten up the window a bit to get back to the white background. At that point you'll see a 2px border along the bottom.

Poster: Simcfc73
Dated: Thursday January 5 2006 - 16:30:38 GMT

Hi John,

I must have used an old verison to do this, I have updated the website files now.

I have more than one style as the bottom 2 follow the scroll of the webpage. Is this the correct way to do it?

Also the top one is in a table which I thought was the right way to do it.

The two menu definitions was a oversight on my part. The bottom scroll menu is the one I am having trouble with. I am wanting a 100% width menu with a white background with the buttons having a different background.

I'll try with the newer version and see if I can sort it out.

Thanks for the reply.