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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:18

Div stays on top of menu zindex

Poster: gujju
Dated: Tuesday January 10 2006 - 5:28:24 GMT


one of my freind recommended me to use milonic in my site.. and i was just testing it with the zindex as we had a problem with menu and div's zindex.

Just downloaded the latest version and changed the html in the menu.htm file.

after changing that the menu always stays behind the div with absolute position. it works fine with firefox but doesnt work in ie

below is the html. all the menu_Src and menudata files are the same which we get when you download a freee copy..

IS there a way out of this ???


<title>Milonic DHTML/JavaScript Menu Sample Page</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" />
<style type="text/css">

.backG {
border-bottom:#538c4d 2px solid;



<!-- ***** This is the section of code you need to paste into your web page *****-->
<script type="text/javascript" src="milonic_src.js"></script>
<a class=milonic href="">JavaScript Menu, DHTML Menu Powered By Milonic</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
if(ns4)_d.write("<scr"+"ipt type=text/javascript src=mmenuns4.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
else _d.write("<scr"+"ipt type=text/javascript src=mmenudom.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
<script type="text/javascript" src="menu_data.js"></script>

<DIV id=Panel1 style="Z-INDEX: 1000; LEFT: 238px; WIDTH: 150px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 258px; HEIGHT: 36px">Panel <SELECT id=CboCustomerStatusID style="Z-INDEX: 10; HEIGHT: 24px" name=CboCustomerStatusID> <OPTION value="" selected></OPTION> <OPTION value=1>TRADING</OPTION></SELECT> </DIV>


Poster: Migru
Dated: Tuesday January 10 2006 - 8:35:21 GMT


Please see in

and there the "divhider" which you can download from the



Information: (though I donĀ“t know if this ist still valid ??)

Poster: Andy
Dated: Tuesday January 10 2006 - 10:15:49 GMT

The menu SHOULD be able to sit on top of SELECT boxes by default but because you have set the zIndex to over 1000 this is actually putting the menu behind your DIV.

The reason is that the menus zIndex start at 999 and increases as the menu gets used, it then returns to 999 when all menus close.

However, I just checked it and it looks their might be a bug in the menu.

There are 2 settings that can be used for changing the menus default zindex. One of the setting is a global property of menuZIndex. Adding something like menuZIndex=2000; at the top of your menu_data.js file should have fixed the problem but it didn't. I have now fixed this and you can downoad the fix from the Pre Release version of the menu at

One other zIndex property is a menu property called zindex, this can be declared for just one menu object with zindex=2000; - This too failed on the current release but should have been fixed for the Pre Release.

Hope this helps


Poster: Migru
Dated: Tuesday January 10 2006 - 19:03:18 GMT

The final dot causes an error , the link is


Poster: gujju
Dated: Tuesday January 10 2006 - 21:51:48 GMT

cheers guys.. that fixed the problem..

Thanks andy & michael