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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:33

Inactive links

Poster: basic
Dated: Wednesday September 7 2005 - 11:09:22 BST

The links in this all images menu are inactive and I simply cannot figure out why. Can you help? (BTW, you will see the menu if you hover over the right side Hebrew text image...)

The code seems OK to me, e.g.,:


The scripts are inside /assets:


by the way, when I add a text link at the same submenu, it behaves OK and its link is active.

Thank you,


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday September 7 2005 - 19:22:24 BST

I don't have a clue what's with your files. I couldn't get them to work. So, I made new files and they do work.

link removed


Link is not aligned with the image

Poster: basic
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 6:27:41 BST

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for the effort - much faster than the paid support I must say...
As you can see, working with your code did make some improvement:

However, the link is actually below the image, which is very confusing.
You can download the entire (small) html page, scripts and images here:

Thank you very much, :D


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 8:55:57 BST

Did you make some change on the page? I can't see anything different and my page still works as it should. I'm trying to find out what's happening that the page which I put up still works but the same page you sent me doesn't.

It has to be something in the page because if I put the menu data file you had in the zip with the page I have it works, but if I put my menu data file on your page it doesn't work.

I will continue to look and compare the pages and see if I can find anything different between them [other than the assets/ and the images/ before things.


Poster: basic
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 9:41:26 BST

hi Ruth,

No I did not. I just replaced the JS files with the ones you uploaded. In your version the link is active but not in the right place.



Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 11:24:14 BST

Are you saying the one on the web has the links in the wrong place? I just uploaded a new one to the web and tested it in IE5.5, FF1.0.2, Netscape7.1 and everything is fine, except your image and overimage are different sizes. Image is 40 high and overimage is 20.

Link Removed


Poster: basic
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 12:43:03 BST

that's strange! look at the same files (from the zip file) at my server:


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 12:49:21 BST

Now, the page that's up at Milonic now is a new one because I had the images from your zip file.

Have you tried opening the page on your desktop before uploading to see if it works? And, have you made sure you're uploading the page as ascii and not binary? I think it's ascii. Some use the auto, but with the problem occuring I'd set it to ascii for the upload and then back to auto if that's how your ftp is set.


as long as dir=ltr and not rtl

Poster: basic
Dated: Sunday September 11 2005 - 6:14:18 BST

hi Ruth,
I have removed all the Hebrew HTML tags (dir, code page and so on) and now it works just fine:
To be more specific, everything works just fine with these meta tags:
<META http-equiv=Content-Language content=en-us>
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

But not with:
<META http-equiv=Content-Language content=he>
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1255">

I think the menu doesn't behave correctly in RTL mode. See for example the correct LTR: vs. the incorrect RTL with the same menu (look at the horizontal scrollbar of the browser):

Thanks for the effort,