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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:30

Converter output does not contain relevant data

Poster: shalom_m
Dated: Thursday September 29 2005 - 5:13:53 BST

I tried running the converter in a V3.5.15 data file.
The results I got after the conversion were only:



The site address is:

The site functions well with the v3.5.15 - but I do want to upgrade.

Do I need to start from scratch?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday September 29 2005 - 7:09:07 BST

I just downloaded your menu_array.js file to see what's up and what I get is two symbols amersand THORN, and Y umlaut, followed by rsd9. That's why it's not converting. If you open the file and see the text, I suggest you copy and paste it to a text file, save it and try that. I just went to your site in FF and put in the menu_array.js url and FF opened the file and gave me text. I tried copy, paste to notepad, save and then convert on that and it worked.

Hope that helps.


Poster: shalom_m
Dated: Saturday October 1 2005 - 1:19:24 BST

Thank you!


Where do I send the floweres to?

And this is another small attempt to say: "Thank you!"

There was a time,
The story goes,
Of men with menus,
And great woes.
Hopelessly they strived,
And tried in vain,
For some, it's told
It was their bane,
To make some sense
Of Milonic code
To ply and bend
Some in java mode.

In these dark lands
There dragons be,
Muddle, Mistake and Mayhem
To name just three
With trolls called Chaos,
Confusion and Commotion,
Sure to introduce
Some furious emotion.
Into this upheaval
As dark as night
In shining armour
Rides a knight

With sword of reason
And lance of will
Slays dark monsters
With talent and skill.
And when the noble
Deeds are done
The knight rides on
To help another one.
A closer look
And there, alas!
The noble knight
Is a fair lass!

Dear Lady
With the electronic steed,
Thank you so much
For your kind deed.
You have saved me
From fiasco and from crash,
Your answers fast
Like in a flash.
I thank you,
And salute you there!
Sweet Lady-knight
With will to share!

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Saturday October 1 2005 - 2:22:24 BST

WOW, I love it. Thank you so much. Flowers in verse.


Poster: shalom_m
Dated: Saturday October 1 2005 - 4:01:48 BST

It's the very least I could do.

Oh, yes - the problem is solved!