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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:30

ugh stuck for days now

Poster: kendra
Dated: Monday October 3 2005 - 7:28:05 BST

ugh.. Im soo stuck for days now

I am trying to set the menus up so that all menus, on all the pages thoughout the site use the same resources at mysite/menu/ this way if we modify the main resource and it effects all menus on all pages.

I have tried and tried to define a "global" path but the problem is not so simple because we have a SSL certificate, and there very picky about insescured paths or images and will give warnings.

I cannot just use a absolute path like "" that will cause warnings when viewing a page via https://

Like Wise I cant use absolute because if that will slow the pages down considerabley during unsecred (http://) sessions

I cant use relative path because they are specific (../) one level (../../) two levels ect. and would need to be totally configured for each level

ermmm Im pulling my hair out because I tried everything and I know it must be possible but im getting to deep now.

I even tried doing it using php like this:

define("menu_path", "/menu");

U have tried usign server variables:

<? echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']?>
<? echo $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']?>

And they dont work :\

I tried so many ways but its not working for me ~sulks~ and now Im really stuck. I mean just explaining it makes muh head hurt

Is there a simple way to go backwards to the root directory kinda like (../) but work no matter how deep the path is??

I wrote to the Milonic team and no answer and Ive been trying for days now and out of ideas.. if it wasnt for this SSL cert It would be easy but im soo stuck now :cry:

Anyone please please please Help??? How can I do this?

~sits in the corner~


Poster: Matt Stano
Dated: Monday October 3 2005 - 19:48:04 BST

Hi Kendra,

I had the same problem as you when I first started out with the menu system. Are your webpages being created on a webserver that you own and maintain or is it being hosted by another company?
I hope this helps you, I don't know how the SSL certificate will play into this.
This comes from a discussion I had with John a while back at

Basically your url link should look like this:

This assumes that in your root directory you have a folder sa and within that a folder labeled menu5 where the java code is located.

The leading / starts the search from the root level of my server, regardless of what 'level' I might be on in the menu structure (or any other, for that matter). In this case, my full path is, but why type all that every time?

This is especially handy for those times you might move a file to another directory or 'level'. Doesn't matter where you put the file, /sa/menu5/milonic_src.js will always start at the root and find this file, regardless. No more ../../ junk.

So in essence if you have a deep folder structure, it can call the java script because the first forward slash tell the machine to start at the root of the webpage.

If you control the webserver this is good, otherwise you might need to talk to the hosting company.

Best of luck.

Poster: kendra
Dated: Monday October 3 2005 - 22:21:29 BST

Hi Matt :D

Hey thanks for the help :o

Im going to try that now. To answer your question I work for a website on the webmail Abuse and support team but asked if I could help with the site redesign and they said yes and assigned me to templates and menus.

Im okay with php and most html just this got me stuck because when we use a certificate its picky and there switching to a CMS type system for easier updates and stuff as we go.

I hope this works thats so much easier then having to use php makes it just more confusing editing the pages since we use frontpage.

Anyways thank you and I let you know if it works, they disabled Private messaging here can I have your email?

Im try that now email me if you can tay?