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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:28

Licensing Issue

Poster: Ivinia
Dated: Tuesday October 18 2005 - 18:49:32 BST

I've emailed this question to your licensing email address twice and have not gotten any response. I love the product and hopefully in posting it here I will get my question answered:

I work in a large corporation and maintain the intranet for our division. Although our corporation has over 100,000 employees worldwide, our particular division has around 600 employees with less than 25% that have computer access. My question to you is whether I would have to get the Professional license or the Corporate one. Please note that although our intranet is not a corporate-wide site, it still is accessible to the entire corporation. I guess in my mind corporate-wide means we feed information to the enitre corporation and they are regular users. This is not the case. Our information is intended for our division only even though anyone in the corporation can access it if they wanted to since we are all on the same network.

Poster: John
Dated: Tuesday October 18 2005 - 19:36:32 BST

My thought here would be a Professional license, but then, I'm not the boss!

I have asked Andy to take a look.

Poster: Ivinia
Dated: Tuesday October 18 2005 - 22:00:39 BST

Mine too, but I want to make sure I have the proper license. Odds are others are going to catch wind of what we've done on our intranet and more licenses will follow, but my main concern is getting ours going.

This is an incredibly powerful little set of scripts you guys have come up with!

Poster: Ivinia
Dated: Friday October 21 2005 - 17:25:00 BST

Gents - No offense but your product is great, your tech support is great and extremely responsive based on looking at these forums, but your sales department needs some serious work. I'm assuming that you guys are small and focused on making this the best product possible, so the focus on sales has taken a back seat.

If I were basing my decision purely on sales, I probably would have started looking elsewhere, but I can't ignore the fact that your tech support is truly outstanding and once I make the purchase (I hope), I'm not going to care about sales anyway.

Please do not read this in a negative light, it isn't meant to be taken that way. I'm not angry, but I must confess to being a bit frustrated at the moment.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Friday October 21 2005 - 17:35:50 BST

Believe it or not Sales are secondary, basically the menu sells itself and you are correct in that we concentrate more on getting the product right than pushing sales and selling out like some of our competitors.

However, I've not received an email from you or any form of contact through our contact us system so cannot comment on why you have not received a reply yet. If you can please tell me where you sent the email I will investigate. Although John did sent me a reminder and contacted me through MSN the other day I would have thought SOMEBODY would have contacted you instead of leaving it all to the MD, I'll be asking questions later.

Anyway, as long as the menu is only used on one website and all parts of it are stored on the same server using the same IP address, then the Pro license will suffice. However, if the website is split between departments and delivered from more than one server then either multiple or a Corporate license may be required.

Hope this helps,

Poster: Ivinia
Dated: Friday October 21 2005 - 17:46:41 BST

Andy - Thank you for your response. I understand sales being secondary and it really is a great product.

The email address I sent my question to was 'licensing __at__' twice. Once on the 13th of October, and again on the 17th of October.

Please note that I am not in any way going to think badly of Milonic over this. Something went wrong in your process and based on how good you guys are with assisting your customers, I have total faith that you will get this ironed out as well.

Again, thank you for answering my question! :D