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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:44

window.onload problem with milonic

Poster: cw
Dated: Monday May 16 2005 - 23:26:00 BST

I'm using frames and my menu is in two parts (frames_header_array.js and frames_body_array.js).

In one of my pages I need to execute some javascript when the page loads. Using onLoad=... in the <body> tag doesn't work. So I tried using window.onload=myFunctionName within a <script ...> tag. This works fine, but it breaks the Milonic menu which stops working.

Is there any way, using frames, to keep the Milonic menu working AND execute some javascript when the page loads?

Thanks for any help.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday May 17 2005 - 0:47:27 BST

Hi CW,

Given that you are saying frames_header_array.js I am assuming this is version 3 of the menu. If so that version is no longer supported, it has been out of development for a long time and most of us do not have any knowledge of the program. Is that the case, that this is version 3?

There is a version 5 frames sample you could try. The version 5 sample is here. It has in depth explanations.


Thank you for suggestion

Poster: cw
Dated: Friday May 20 2005 - 5:30:47 BST

Thank you very much for the advice, Ruth. Version 5 works much better!

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday May 20 2005 - 7:49:23 BST

You're very welcome. I'm glad you like it. I think it's great. And the advantage is that it is being developed constantly to cover all the new things being created on the web.