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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:43

overflow scroll on treemenu sub-menu

Poster: alexv420
Dated: Tuesday May 24 2005 - 23:33:12 BST

hi guys,

i am using the treemenu bolt-on module, and it's working very well for me. however, i am trying to use the overflow="scroll" property so that child menus will have a scrollbar, thus allowing a long list of items in a small vertical space. it seems like it really wants to work as i can get it to scroll sporadically, only if i preview it in my html editor, then flip to a different preview pane, and then flip back to it (although the child menu retains it's previous full height spacing). very odd. in firefox, it appears to accept the menuheight attribute, but no scrollbar. IE appears to accept neither the height or the overflow. i'm hoping someone can take a peek at it for me and see if they can figure out a way to make it work.

thanks, as always, for any help...

_scrollAmount=5      // Used for Netscape 4 scrolling
_scrollDelay=10        // Used for Netscape 4 scrolling

_menuCloseDelay=500  // The delay for menus to remain visible on mouse off
_menuOpenDelay=150   // The delay for opening menus on mouse over
_subOffsetTop=0;     // Sub menu offset Top position
_subOffsetLeft=0;  // Sub menu offset Left position


treeOffset=0;  // Used to set the offset of sub menus
singleMasterMenu=true // Informs the system to on;y have one menu open at a time

with(tstyle1=new mm_style()){
offcolor = "#00A19C";
onbgcolor = "#D9D9D9";
oncolor = "#00A19C";
padding = 2;
fontsize = "12px";
fontfamily = "arial, verdana, tahoma";
fontweight= "bold";
subimageposition="left" ;
itemwidth= 165;

sub1Style=new copyOf(tstyle1)
sub1Style.offcolor = "#00A19C";
sub1Style.fontweight= "normal";
sub1Style.padding= "5px 0px 5px 16px";
sub1Style.itemwidth= 145;

with(new menuname("top ten")){
style = tstyle1;
alwaysvisible = 1;
aI("text=Top Software;showmenu=topsoftware;type=tree;");
aI("text=Top Downloads;showmenu=topdownloads;type=tree;");
aI("text=Top Documentation;showmenu=toptechdocs;type=tree;");

   with(new menuname("topsoftware")){
   style = sub1Style;
   aI("text=Order Pro 6.2.2;url=#");
   aI("text=Business Series Terminal - Desktop Assistant 1.4;url=#");
   aI("text=Contivity VPN;url=#");
   aI("text=Business Communication Manager Release 3.6;url=#");
   aI("text=Ethernet Switch 450-24T Ethernet Boot Image v4.5.2;url=#");

    with(new menuname("topdownloads")){
   style = sub1Style;
   aI("text=Business Communications Manager 5.0 Product Brief;url=#");
   aI("text=2004 VoIP State of the Market white paper;url=#");
   aI("text=Engineering Tips & Tricks;url=#");
   aI("text=Nortel Ring Tone;url=#");
   aI("text=Essentials of Real-Time Networking;url=#");

    with(new menuname("toptechdocs")){
   style = sub1Style;
   aI("text=Enterprise Networks Documentation Catalog;url=#");
   aI("text=BCM and Norstar End User Documentation;url=#");
   aI("text=Meridian 1 Systems Overview;url=#");
   aI("text=IP Phone 2004 User Guide;url=#");
   aI("text=CallPilot Best Practices;url=#");


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday May 25 2005 - 3:26:23 BST


I may be wrong on this but I don't think overflow=scroll is supposed
to work with the tree/collapse menu. I think right now the menu
has to do a lot of figuring as to the height of the main menu, then
of the main items, so it can figure out where to position the submenu
that is being clicked, so I would guess it figures out the height of the
submenu also, I'm not sure how trying to make it an overflow=scroll
would interact with that figuring that's in the program now.

Of course, I could be totally wrong on my thinking here. ;)


Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday May 25 2005 - 15:15:48 BST

I believe you are correct, Ruth.