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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:41

width problems when shortening length of menu word

Poster: flii
Dated: Thursday June 9 2005 - 21:05:00 BST

i changed some of the words in my milonic 5.07 menu, and the darn thing refuses to stay the same size. i might have shortened a few words, but the menu needs to still take up the full menu area space! lol. the only thing i did was shorten menu words. the following code was not changed until after the menu shortened itself.


relevant css:
#menu {
   margin-top: 130px;
   text-align: center;
   z-index: 1;
   width: 150px;
   float: left;

.jsmenu {
   text-align: left;
   width: 100%;
   margin-bottom: 1em;

(where #menu is the entire left menu side, and .jsmenu is of course the milonic code)

relevant html:
   <div id="menu">
      <div class="jsmenu">
         <script src="/includes/menu_data.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
         <noscript><!-- #include virtual="/includes/noscript.html" --></noscript>
      </div><!-- end jsmenu -->
... ...

so far i've tried various combinations of css setting the width, trying to get milonic to set its own width, and both together, but with no luck. i tried looking through the new samples and found "menuwidth="100%";" but this appears to only work with newer versions because it sure doesn't change mine one little bit.

before changing the menu words, i had had "overallwidth="60px";" and thought it worked, but apparently not, because no matter what number i change it to (higher or lower), nothing changes.

sorry if this whole post got kind of long. i'm sure i still missed some pertinent information, so just point them out to me.

thanks in advance,

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday June 9 2005 - 22:06:20 BST

Hi CJ,

You'll have to upgrade that menu is way downlevel. Keep your 3 program files in some folder to have, just in case there's some conflict with the newer version.

As functional changes are made there's no way for us to know how this or that functioned in the old versions. For example the 100% was added at some version.


Poster: flii
Dated: Thursday June 9 2005 - 22:59:50 BST

unfortunately ruth, my company can't afford to spend $50 just to upgrade .7 levels of menu code.

if you can tell me any workarounds, that would be much preferable.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 0:25:08 BST

Hi CJ,

I'm sorry, I can't, I would have no idea. There have been something like 50-60 update releases since 5.07, with new functionality added. You mentioned menuwidth="100%"; which I think came later for the 100%, have you tried putting in itemwidth= that, right in the menu where you have alwaysvisible? I have no idea if that will work, but it's the only thing I can think of to do. I can't remember back that far what properties were used or not. Or set it to the 150px you have as the width of that left side.


Poster: flii
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 14:19:56 BST

you're a genius ruth! i stuck itemwidth in there, uploaded the file, refreshed the site, and wonder of wonders... back to normal!

thank you so much. i've been saved from having to explain to my boss why this menu i commended so much no longer works. whew!

once again, my heartfelt thanks. :)
~ cj

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 14:54:53 BST

You're very welcome.

If you can at some point get your boss to upgrade it would be best, especially since this menu is 'dynamic' in development. I guess that's the term that I'd apply in the sense that it is in constant development to keep up with new things on the web.

For example, there is a new module 'keypress' which is designed to let the menu be accessed through keyboard tabbing. Just one of the things in development to make it 508 compliant. There's also a frames based menu now, and a module so you can make the menu 'listbased', and a bunch of other things. :lol: Don't you just love my grasp of technical language and jargon?

I think renewel is about 30% off. Of course the existing license for use of the menu is in perpetuity for your original site license. Anyway, something to keep in mind. Also, there should have been a how to install text file with the menu, and I think, if I remember correctly that in that file was a list of the available style properties.


Poster: flii
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 15:27:17 BST

i know how to upgrade to the new one. i even downloaded one of the samples just to see if menuwidth=100% would work in there. i acutally did look into renewing our license, so i was logged into the main milonic site, saw the "renew" link, and it said we were going to have to fork over $47 (USA). i saw no mention of a discount in any place i went.

if you know somewhere to find discount information, i would definitely bring it up to mike, but i don't see any way around the fifty bucks. our company is pretty small, consisting of maybe a half dozen people who aren't even all full-time. it's a lot of money for a menu that we already have.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 17:14:53 BST

I found it in the purchasing faqs. But, maybe it's because your support contract expired? Or there may be a glitch in what is showing when you click renew. I don't really know. You might contact marty[at]milonic[dot]com about it. We are just volunteers, so I don't know the ins and outs.