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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:41

Unable to Show Amazon-Style Menu's Sub-Menu Automatically

Poster: pmerlyn
Dated: Thursday June 9 2005 - 18:24:04 BST

Hello Support Forum,

I recently began using Milonic's excellent menu system to create an Amazon-style tab menu with one level of submenus. My page is at:

The problem: As you'll see when you visit that page, only the main menu opens when the page loads. The submenus remain closed until the user clicks on one of the tab menu items in the main menu.

What I want to happen: I want a submenu (specifically, the submenu that is associated with the first item [labeled 'Mediation'] in the main menu) to show automatically whenever the page first loads.

Background: I'm using Windows XP Professional and experience the same situation in both IE and Netscape.

Thank you for your help with this great product.

Best wishes,


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Friday June 10 2005 - 23:46:01 BST

Hi Paul,

A quick thought: If you give your submenus a top position (which should work, since all of your submenus open in the same place), then you could open any particular submenu using a call to popup('MenuName') from the onload event. E.g., on your home.html page, you could have:

<body onload="popup('MainMenu1')">

For pages reached by the submenu items, you could try automatically opening the correct submenus using the openmenusbyurl.js add-on module.



Poster: Ruth
Dated: Saturday June 11 2005 - 0:00:34 BST

I'm so sorry. I was working on this and meant to post and forgot. Must be that 'old age syndrome' everyone talks about :) The openmenusbyurl.js module is the way to go and it will work when the bug is fix. The new version does not work, and I've reported it.


openmenusbyurl.js module

Poster: pmerlyn
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 23:15:29 BST

Hi Ruth and Kevin,

Thank you both for your replies. I didn't have success with the call-to-popup approach, so it looks like I should wait for the fix to the openmenusbyurl.js module. Would you please let me know when it's available and where I can obtain it when it's ready.

Thank you and best wishes,


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 23:21:16 BST

Hi Paul,

Sure will. It has been reported, so as soon as they can get it fixed we'll let you know. It's one of the Milonic Bolt-on modules. You can find that on the main site under the DHTML Menu heading of the menu. Down toward the middle, I think it is. Says Bolt-on Modules.


Poster: Andy
Dated: Tuesday June 14 2005 - 11:48:57 BST


The issue with openmenusbyurl.js has now been fixed.

If you upgrade the file the menus should open up again


Poster: pmerlyn
Dated: Wednesday June 22 2005 - 0:10:45 BST

Hi Andy, Ruth, and Kevin,

Thanks for letting me know about the fix to the openmenusbyurl.js bolt-on module.

Best wishes,