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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:41

Milonic Home Menu

Poster: Kdodge
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 2:29:31 BST

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am considering using the Milonic Home Menu on my own site. I can not seem to change the coordinates though. I would like it to sit approximately 135px from the top but when I attempt to make the change out of the .js file nothing happens.
Does anyone know how to change the coordinates?
Thank you for your time,
K Dodge

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 3:26:45 BST

I've moved this to the help and support forum.

There is a file called menu_data.js file. In that file you'd look for the 'main' menu, whatever you called it and you set the top and left position there.

left=10 [or whatever you want]

if you don't want to set left and want it centered, you'd use top=135; and screenposition="center";


Thank You Ruth

Poster: Kdodge
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 3:54:25 BST

Dear Ruth

A while back ago when Dynamic Drive hosted a Milonic navigation menu, I became hooked on Milonic's product, I recently discovered the Milonic site and was very pleased with all of the options they have.

I knew the variable was in there somewhere but I just couldn't find it, I kept trying to change the first lines

After you pointed out the correct variable to change I found it in an instant.
K Dodge

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 5:07:16 BST

Welcome to the new Milonic Menu. Don't forget to register on the main site and get your license. The menu is free for personal pages, but it does have to be licensed.

There are links below my name to helpful areas. The beginner's forum is a real quick read with images to show how to style the menu, and the bottom links are to explanations of the various properties you can apply, and whether they are style, menu or item properties. Those pages have explanations of the properties.

On the main site under DHTML Menu there are a number of very helpful links, one to various samples, one for images such as arrows, backgrounds, rollovers made by Milonic for Milonic users. Under Support there are links to an online beginner's manual, and explanations on how to place the menu in a table [a must read because you do the menu calls differently for that placement]

And, there is always this forum. We are all volunteers, so if you have the answer to a post, have at it. All help is welcome :D


Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 17:18:59 BST

You mentioned Dynamic Drive, which strikes a nerve around here (they are typically hundreds of versions down-level).

Can we get a URL to your site so we can check your version status?

My apologies to Milonic

Poster: Kdodge
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 18:33:37 BST

Dear John,
I didn’t mean to strike any nerves, I do apologize for that, I was truly making reference to where I first learned of Milonic. I didn’t know what happened but one day I saw a Milonic menu on the site, and the next time I went to look for it, it was gone.
It was truly wonderful to find not only the Milonic site but this message forum.
As far as my site goes, your welcome to look, but I do not have any of Milonic’s menus on there as of yet. If you look at the site, you see the current navigation is just not practical for the amount of information that I have on there.
We recently received a very generous donation that enabled us to purchase five years of hosting service. I started transferring files and I don’t have everything linked up right now on the sub domains.
I have been working on giving the site a face lift, which is when I discovered the Milonic site. I expect the new site, or the new layout to be complete and uploaded around the second or third week of July. I am just messing around with the various menus right now to see which one will work the best. Then I need to register and all. I have not done that yet because I don’t know which I will be using.
Thank you for your time,
K Dodge
The web address is

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday June 15 2005 - 18:51:41 BST

Hi K (feel like I'm in 'Men in Black!) -

First, apology not necessary, but thanks.

Note that you can use our menu freely for your development - just download it. If you stick with us, and obviously we hope you will, then it will need to be licensed.

Enjoy the site, and ask at any time.