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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:41

Menu causes iFrame contents to redraw...sometimes

Poster: GaryK
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 3:46:23 BST

I have a menu in a page that also has an iFrame used to show the content.

I have a problem wherby in IE6 when any sub-menu layer that happens to be shown above the iframe is shown then the contents of the iFrame is re-drawn. This also happens with .htm as well as .asp. Even moving from one sub-menu to another cases the same prob i.e. whenever a sub-menu is drawn or 'undrawn' then the underlying page refreshes.

But it doesn't always happen. Some pages in the iFrame don't re-draw.
The problem doesn't happen at all in Firefox. Do I just have to accept it as an IE shortcoming ?

I suspect this is a core HTML issue rather than a Milonic issue however any help would be much appreciated.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 4:25:56 BST

Hi Gary,

We'd be glad to help. We need to see the page with the menu on it so we can check and see what's going on.


Poster: GaryK
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 4:43:59 BST

Hi Ruth - do you need to see the website or the code ?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday June 13 2005 - 5:19:47 BST

Hi Gary,

Website is always better, that way we have the pages to test. :)


Poster: GaryK
Dated: Wednesday June 22 2005 - 2:42:23 BST

Hi - sorry for the delay - had to setup a test env as this is pre-live.

You can look at Ignore the cosmetic gaps - this is just to illustrate the probs.

The menu itself is in the main page which also contains an inline frame to show the different content.

I have 2 seperate problems :

Problem 1 - The page in the inline frame appears to refresh whenever a submenu is shown/hidden over it.

Problem 2 - When you click on a submenu option the submenu does not disappear when you move your mouse off it whilst over the inline frame.

In IE Problem 2 doesn't happen but Problem 1 does
in Firefox Problem 1 doesn't happen but Problem 2 does.

I am by no means an HTML expert so if this nothing to do with Milonic but something to do with my own web development incompetence then please don't be afraid to say so.

many thanks in advance. I really want to use the Milonic menu for this site but at the moment this is stumping me.

btw - seperate topic : how do I transfer my purchased licence from an old domain to this one ?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 22 2005 - 2:58:01 BST

Hi Gary,

The first thing you have to do is upgrade to the newest version. A lot of those issues may disappear when you do that. Make sure you log in to the main site so you get your licensed version. If I'm reading that right your support and upgrade license should be good through Nov of this year, so you should update always to the newest version as little things get fixed and other things get added.

For example, the new version, I think starting with 5.62 you can create a listbased menu. That's still in development but does work at the simple level, meaning if you don't have a need for more than one Milonic menu.
There is also a keypress module now that let's the menu function with the use of the tab key, and a version 5 frames based menu.

When you do upgrade, make sure you put your now existing milonic program files someplace so you still have them just in case. Then test and see if the problem still occurs.


Poster: GaryK
Dated: Wednesday June 22 2005 - 3:20:30 BST

Hi Ruth - done that (i.e. I 'upgraded' the 3 .js files but didn't change anything else). I didn't change any of the actual menu def structues in my code. has been updated.

The sub-menu disappearing issue in Firefox is resolved, however in EI the iFrame is still re-drawing itself after each submenu show/hide. Actually I think it's happening in Firefox as well it's just that that brower seems to be much quicker so I can't notice it as much.

Do I need to change something else?

Timely help as always much appreciated.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 22 2005 - 5:04:19 BST

Hi Gary,

I'm posting this for help from other volunteers since I don't have IE6 and it is not happening in IE5.5 nor in my Firefox 1.0.2


Poster: Prefontim
Dated: Sunday June 26 2005 - 21:18:46 BST

I am having this problem too, but only after I made some changes to the structure of my page that holds the iframes. Originally, my page consisted of two tables, with an iframe inside each one. the flicker did not happen. Later, to fix some height issues, i only used one table for both iframes, each iframe having it's own table row. This doesn't help me figure it out what the problem is, but hopefully it will for someone else.


Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday June 27 2005 - 11:06:55 BST


We need to see some pages that actually show this problem.

We have tried to reproduce it but can't get the flicker you say you are seeing.

-- Andy

Poster: John
Dated: Monday June 27 2005 - 16:15:24 BST

I get a, "Host: "" is not authorized. No menu.

Poster: Prefontim
Dated: Tuesday June 28 2005 - 22:18:25 BST


Poster: Prefontim
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 18:20:44 BST

I know that the iframe flicker happens to a page that isn't contained within a table tag. i'm thinking this is because, tables are drawn all at once, so the flicker isn't obvious. My questions is, why is milonic resizing the iframe on a mouseover? i see no point to it.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday September 8 2005 - 19:28:42 BST

Without your page we can't figure out what's happening since Andy said they were unable to reproduce the problem. There could be a lot of different things that are doing that, margins in something, something in the css to do with padding, margin, and so on.