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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:42

ie and a few other questions/problems

Poster: noicenotea
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 9:42:18 BST

ive created the following url for testing:
it has two menus one on the top(no problems with that) second on the left
the first question is if i use the bolt-on-module: changecolorsbyclick.js all click actions have a one click delay. if i dont use it everything seems to be fine. why ?
second issue is the separator on my left menu causes some errors:
1. a small line under the main menu item --> only on msie
2. the last submenuitems are covering the last main menuitem with the size of the separator.if i dont use a separator everything is fine! i tried to use a separator image and a lot of other combinations without success.

the last probelem i had was the border i cant get rid of it on the acivated main menu(something like clickborder :-)) is there another way ? i used images instead as you can see on the url..but now the mouse pointer does not change anymore how can i fix this?

anyway except of the above probs the menu should look the same way like it does on the url but ill go another way if there is a better one for the same result iam using vs. 5.723

thanks for your help & great work


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 11:04:53 BST


1. I can't tell you about the delay on click, I don't know.

2. The small line is the page background, there doesn't seem to be a way to offset the treemenu submenus up like using the subOffsetTop=

3. The last submenu does that because of the separatorheight. Change it to 9 and then make your last treemenu item like this
Doing that ends up making it just like the others, it will have a little white line but at least they look alike and it no longer shifts over the main item. Just a personal opinion, I like the little white line.

4. My mouse pointer changes so I don't know what is causing that for you.

5. MOST IMPORTANT = go download the newest version 5.74, and 5.75 is on the way with a fix. There is a pre-release of 5.75. To get that, go to the Menu Version Information. That's toward the bottom of the DHTML Menu item on the main site menu.

EDIT: 6:04am - I think I could actually fix the problem with the white line, well it would be a work around if you wanted to do it. That would be to create in that table cell where you have the treemenu a table with 1 column and 3 rows. Then put each item in it's own row set as alwaysvisible, one right below the other and then use bgcolor= in the td for that menu's row, so the green would have the same bgcolor as the image, and so on in each td, that when when the background shows through it would be the same color as the menu. :)


Poster: noicenotea
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 19:04:12 BST

thx for your quick reply.

i updated to the latest pre-release(5_725)
ive added the separatorheight=0 but as you said the line appeared and is now now 2 pixel !!!
the mouse pointer is correct but not in mozilla firefox opr netscape - i forgot to tell you
ill now try the your last tip..
any information about my problems are still welcome ;-)



Poster: noicenotea
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 19:39:47 BST

oh dam :(
now i re-rembered why i couldnt use different "main" menus (like you said each always visible menu in a different cell) the singleMasterMenu=true issue
does not work anymore of course :((((( except that the menu looks like i want ...

i hope anybody could help me


add on

Poster: noicenotea
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 19:50:25 BST

its not the need of the singleMasterMenu option itself but if i open ALL menus and then i close the middle one the submenus under it dont move back only the main menu and the layout crashes :( (example with different cells

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 21:46:11 BST

Ok, that's not going to work. It has to do with the fact that they are all 'main' menus now, so they don't work interactively. I never tried it with a vertical, it works fine with a horizontal layout, but that's because you don't have one main opening below the other.

As to the pixel and space between main and sub when it has been opened. Nothing I have tried works. So, unless you think of some kind of design...for example, just off the top of my head, the top of the subemnu could have a wavy edge that way the line wouldn't be a straight across line it would be wavy and look more or less as if it was meant to be there. [as I said I think the line looks good] Sorry I can't give more help. If this is a purchased menu I can only suggest you contact Milonic, someplace in your docs there should be an email address.


Poster: noicenotea
Dated: Wednesday June 1 2005 - 21:55:04 BST

:-( thank you anyway,
but i cant differ from the design template i got.
yes its a purchased menu..ill write a mail