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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:58

SubImage problem when upgrading to ver 5.68 from 5.66 plus..

Poster: Simon
Dated: Wednesday January 5 2005 - 10:13:07 GMT

Ok I'm kinda one of those stubborn guys who likes to poke and prod until I figure out my own problem but I'm going to cut to the chase and hopefully one of you already know the solution.

I have a site at:

And the menu I thought worked perfectly. I built the site using menu 5.66 and had no trouble at all.

That is ... Until it I went to view it on Safari on the Mac and the drop downs appear but the moment you mouseover them they disappear and they aren't clickable.

So I went looking for a solution and saw comments about a bug fix so downloaded version 5.68.

In doing so my subimages on the drop downs no longer appear (and it still doesn't work on Safari).

Example page ( using menu 5.68 ) for your viewing pleasure:

Mouseover "REGION" (second menu item from the left) and voila .. broken image links for the sub menu indicators (for IE on the PC anyway).

Now on previous sites I've had trouble with subimages and have actually resorted to using an older version to get my subimages to appear properly.

I've read about putting the code in the menu style section and have tried various ways to tackle this but this way appeared to work ... or so I thought.

Can someone please shed some light as to the best way to accomplish:

a) Subimages for my drop down menus. I presently code the lines such as this example:

aI("text=Perfect Climate;url=sub_page.cfm?action=pclimate;showmenu=climate;subimage='menu/arrow.gif'");


b) Why this won't work for Safari on the Mac? I've viewed other Milonic menu's with Safari on the Mac so I think it's my code.

Thanks guys. I appreciate any assistance.


Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday January 5 2005 - 13:46:04 GMT

You have...
aI("text=Perfect Climate;url=sub_page.cfm?action=pclimate;showmenu=climate;subimage='menu/arrow.gif'");

Based on where I finally found the arrow, should be...
aI("text=Perfect Climate;url=sub_page.cfm?action=pclimate;showmenu=climate;subimage='/menu/arrow.gif'");

Poster: Simon
Dated: Thursday January 6 2005 - 9:44:01 GMT

Thank you for the reply John.

I tried your suggestion (putting the '/' in front of the 'menu/arrow.gif' and it made absolutely no difference. My images still show as broken links in the drop down menu using version 5.68.

I call the menu from that index02.cfm test page using menu version 5.68 by:

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu568/milonic_src.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>
<script language=JavaScript>
if(ns4)_d.write("<scr"+"ipt language=JavaScript src=menu568/mmenuns4.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
else _d.write("<scr"+"ipt language=JavaScript src=menu568/mmenudom.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="menu568/menu_data.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT>

In my <HEAD></HEAD> statement.

As I keep my "arrow.gif" image files in the same 'menu568' directory.

I've tried:

aI("text=Test Link;url=testpage.cfm;showmenu=test;subimage='menu568/arrow.gif'");


aI("text=Test Link;url=testpage.cfm;showmenu=test;subimage='/menu568/arrow.gif'");

and had zero luck either way.

On version 5.66 though it does work without the '/' in front of menu ???

This is the part that's a head scratcher.

Thanks again for any input you maybe able to provide.

Poster: Simon
Dated: Thursday January 6 2005 - 10:28:18 GMT

Just an update to my own post for anyone with similar problems reading:

Ok... I'll admit I should read more carefully.

I had a similar issue way back when and team member Kevin answered it. Using his solution for that problem has now corrected this image problem with version 5.68.

Namely I should have been using:


No ' ' marks around the menu/arrow_down.gif and I needed a ; after the .gif before the end ".

So I've removed the subimage='menu/arrow_down.gif' from my individual menu items and placed:


In the menu style itself.

And that solves my subimage problem with version 5.68

Now what remains is why this won't work for IE or Safari on the Mac?

For IE on the Mac, the main menu appears but the drop downs won't appear at all.

On Safari it does appear (subimages as well on the drop down) but the dropdown disappears the moment you go to mouseover it.

Any help on that would be most appreciative.

The URL once again is:

Does it make a difference whether you use " or ' around menustyle properties? The "howtobuild.txt" file that comes with the download uses " but the uses '.

I'm assuming not but am curious in my pursuit to perfect using your menu.

Thanks again.

Poster: John
Dated: Thursday January 6 2005 - 14:05:54 GMT

Hi Simon -

My fault. I missed those pesky ' around the filename. Sorry.

Another thing that has me confused is...
Simon wrote:
As I keep my "arrow.gif" image files in the same 'menu568' directory.

However, your aI is calling them in 'menu'. :?

Try putting the JS menu calls as the first items in body.

Poster: Simon
Dated: Thursday January 6 2005 - 18:43:32 GMT

Hi John,

Ok I think I may have caused you some confusion myself.

Initially the actual site (that's live) had the menu version 5.66 in the /menu directory.

For testing purposes I made a test file called index02.cfm and utilized menu version 5.68 by referencing the 5.68 menu in a /menu568 directory.

Last night after fixing the subimage problem I renamed /menu to /menu566 and /menu568 to /menu

And basically my index02.cfm test page was basically now broken but was semi irrelevant as the actual site was now working using menu version 5.68.

To make it easier that page is now also accessing the working 5.68 version menu in the /menu directory.

I've tried for that test page, putting the JS menu calls as the first thing inside the body tags and it works just fine for IE / Netscape on the PC but still it was no go for IE / Safari on the Mac.

Or so I thought....

I was just playing with this... wondering to myself what the H.E. Double Hockey sticks could be breaking this and I have just commented out the <IFRAME> I use on that page and Voila it started to work for IE / Safari on the Mac.

Are you folks aware of any limitations to using an <IFRAME> in conjunction with your menu?

I never noticed before doing this test that for IE on the Mac, with the index.cfm that has the <IFRAME> the far most right menus do drop down and they appear to drop down behind the <IFRAME> as you move over the menu's from right to left and hit the <IFRAME> section.

On Safari the drop downs appear on top of the <IFRAME> but where the <IFRAME> exists, the moment you mouseover them the drop downs disappear. Like IE on the Mac the far right most drop downs where there's no <IFRAME> do indeed function normally.

For comparisons (if you have a Mac handy):

is the live site with the <IFRAME>

is the test page without the IFRAME and the JS calls inside the body tag.

So it appears the menu is appearing and working on both browsers .... just not if it encounters an <IFRAME> :cry:

Thoughts / Suggestions?

* In case you're wondering why I even use an IFRAME, as per the client this page is not allowed to scroll. As such when that page content is view in say Russian (Russian Flag / 3rd from bottom left), the text Translated to Russian far exceeds what was the allowable English space. This page is also dynamically updateable so at any time they could double or triple that intro copy in any one of 12 different languages and it has to fit without breaking the page structure. An <IFRAME> seemed like the logical choice.

Poster: John
Dated: Thursday January 6 2005 - 19:27:07 GMT

AFAIK, there are no known problems with iframes and Safari. Scads of folks here are using them as v5 does not support frames. Try a search in the v5 forum. I don't use them, so I can't offer any help on if your setup is correct.

Ruth is a champ with iframes... :D