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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:56

Pagematch not working

Poster: Maestro
Dated: Wednesday January 19 2005 - 18:12:26 GMT

I am using Lasso as the scripting language in my project.
Before the page is parsed by the browser, the server-side lasso parser assigns a variable that is used to insert the following (in bold) js function call into the body tag..

<body onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" background="/colorSchemes/deptSet/bg.gif" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" tracingsrc="colorSchemes/deptSet/top.jpg">

Here is the entire top part of the document..

   <title>City of Fort Bragg, Ca. - PUBLIC WORKS</title>
   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
   <style type="text/css" media="screen">
          __at__ import url("/css/styles.css");
         body       { background-color: #648b79; background-image: url(/colorSchemes/deptSet/bg.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; margin: 0 }
         #TableAtTop { background-image: url(/colorSchemes/deptSet/top.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat }
         #content   { background-color: #fff; background-image: url("(EmptyReference!)"); visibility: visible; position: absolute; top: 128px; left: 10px; width: 580px }
         #navbar { visibility: visible; position: absolute; top: 100px; left: 590px; width: 180px }

         #id_publicworks { color: #fff; background-color: #4f4b45; padding: 2px }
   <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/menu/milonic_src1.js"></script>   
   <script   type="text/javascript">
      if(ns4)_d.write("<scr"+"ipt type=text/javascript src=/scripts/menu/mmenuns4.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");      
      else _d.write("<scr"+"ipt type=text/javascript src=/scripts/menu/mmenudom.js><\/scr"+"ipt>");
   <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/menu/menu_data.js"></script>   
   <script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/menu/preloadmenuimages.js"></script>

<body onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" background="/colorSchemes/deptSet/bg.gif" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" tracingsrc="colorSchemes/deptSet/top.jpg">

The link that calls the page looks like this..
<a href="/pages/departments/publicworks.lasso?dptCall=TopDepartments"><span id="id_publicworks">Public Works</span>

Because of the extra path info, i.e. ?dptCall=TopDepartments, the "pagematch" operator is needed.

I entered pagematch below, see line 189, but it doesn't work..
  2 /*
  3 Milonic DHTML Menu - JavaScript Website Navigation System.
  4 Copyright 2004 (c) Milonic Solutions Limited. All Rights Reserved.
  5 Version 5+ Data File structure is the property of Milonic Solutions Ltd and must only be used in Milonic DHTML Products
  6 This is a commercial software product, please visit for more information.
  7 See for Commercial License Agreement
  8 All Copyright statements must always remain in place in all files at all times
10 */
12 buildAllMenus=1;
13 retainClickValue=0;
14 _menuCloseDelay=500          // The time delay for menus to remain visible on mouse out
15 _menuOpenDelay=500            // The time delay before menus open on mouse over
16 _subOffsetTop=-5              // Sub menu top offset
17 _subOffsetLeft=5            // Sub menu left offset
19 // DEFINE any custom functions next..
20 /*
21 See: for a full explanation
22 */
23 function mm_changeItemProperty(menuName, itemName, codeRef, newValue, updateDisplay)
24 {
25   menuName = menuName.toLowerCase();
26   for (i=0; i<_mi.length; i++)
27     if (_mi[i][1].replace(/\&nbsp\;/ig,' ') == itemName && _m[_mi[i][0]][1] == menuName) break;
28   if (i == _mi.length) return;
29   _mi[i][codeRef] = newValue;
30   if (updateDisplay) BDMenu(_mi[i][0]);
31 }
33 /*
34 See: for a full explanation
35 */
36 function mm_changeMenuProperty(menuName, propertyRef, newValue)
37 {
38   var menuNum = getMenuByName(menuName);
39   _m[menuNum][propertyRef] = newValue;
40   BDMenu(menuNum);
41 }
44 // DEFINE the styles used by the various menues & sub menues
46 with(TopMainMenuStyle=new mm_style()){
47 openonclick=1;
48 closeonclick=1;
49 onbgcolor="#23243F";
50 oncolor="#ffffff";
51 onborder='0px solid #ffffff';
52 offbgcolor="transparent";
53 offcolor="#ffffff";
54 visitedcolor="white";
55 separatorcolor="#2D729D";
56 separatorsize="1";
57 padding=5;
58 fontsize="75%";
59 fontstyle="normal";
60 fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
61 pagebgimage="/images/inverseSubOneNav_bg.png";
62 headercolor="#FBDFB4";
63 headerbgcolor="none";
64 bordercolor="none";
65 }
67 with(TopSubTwoHeaderStyle=new mm_style()){
68 openonclick=1;
69 closeonclick=1;
70 fontsize="75%";
71 fontstyle="normal";
72 fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
73 bgimage="/images/trans_BlueGrey.png";
74 align="right";
75 valign="middle";
76 bordercolor="#FFFFFF";
77 borderwidth="1px";
78 borderstyle="solid";
79 padding="2px";
80 onborder='0px solid #ffffff';
81 }
84 with(TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle=new mm_style()){
85 openonclick=1;
86 closeonclick=1;
87 onbgcolor="#ccffcc";
88 oncolor="#000000";
89 offbgcolor="#cccccc";
90 offcolor="#99061C";
91 bordercolor="#292B4A";
92 borderstyle="solid";
93 borderwidth=1;
94 padding=5;
95 fontsize="12px";
96 fontstyle="normal";
97 fontweight="normal";
98 fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
99 headercolor="#FFFFFF";
100 headerbgcolor="#292B4A";
101 imagepadding="0 20 0 10";
102 onborder='0px solid #ffffff';
103 }
106 with(AdvancedSearchSubTabStyle=new mm_style()){
107 closeonclick=1;
108 onbgcolor="#ccffcc";
109 oncolor="#000000";
110 offbgcolor="#cccccc";
111 offcolor="#0000CC";
112 bordercolor="#292B4A";
113 borderstyle="solid";
114 borderwidth=1;
115 padding=5;
116 fontsize="12px";
117 fontweight="normal";
118 fontfamily="Verdana, Tahoma, Arial";
119 headercolor="#FFFFFF";
120 headerbgcolor="#292B4A";
121 imagepadding="0 20 0 10";
122 onborder='0px solid #ffffff';
123 }
127 /* These are variants of the TopMainMenuStyle */
128 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle=new copyOf(TopMainMenuStyle);
129 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle.bgimage="/images/trans_BlueGrey.png";
130 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle.pagebgimage="/images/inverseSubOneNav_bg.png";
131 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle.pageborder='1px solid #ffffff';;
132 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle.padding="3 10 3 10";
133 TopSubOneMainMenuStyle.valign="bottom";
136 /* These are variants of the TopMainMenuStyle - One layer down */
137 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle=new copyOf(TopSubOneMainMenuStyle);
138 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.padding=5;
139 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.bgimage="/images/normalSubTwoNav_bg.gif";
140 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.overbgimage="/images/overSubTwoNav_bg.gif";
141 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.pagebgimage="/images/inverseSubTwoNav_bg.gif";
142 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.onbgcolor="none";
143 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.separatoralign="left";
144 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.separatorwidth="221";
145 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.pageborder="none";
146 TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle.oncolor="#2847AA";
148 /* These are variants of the TopMainMenuStyle - Two layers down */
149 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle=new copyOf(TopSubOneMainMenuStyle);
150 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.openonclick=1;
151 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.align="center";
152 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.offcolor="#FBDFB4";
153 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.offbgcolor="#292B4A";
154 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.oncolor="gold";
155 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.onbgcolor="#292B4A";
156 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.bgimage="none";
157 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.bordercolor="#292B4A";
158 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.borderstyle="solid";
159 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.borderwidth=0;
160 TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle.imagepadding="0 15 0 15";
163 // "Main Menue" - the items shown in the top navigation bar
164 with(milonic=new menuname("Main Menu")){
165 style=TopMainMenuStyle;
166 top=62;
167 left=300;
168 alwaysvisible=1;
169 orientation="horizontal";
170 aI("text=Home;url=/;status=Back To Home Page;");
171 aI("text=Departments;showmenu=TopDepartments;");
172 aI("text=Library;showmenu=TopLibrary;");
173 aI("text=Search;showmenu=TopSearch;");
174 aI("text=My City;showmenu=TopMyCity;");
175 }
177 // Sub to "Main Menue" are the five main departments
178 with(milonic=new menuname("TopDepartments")){
179 style=TopSubOneMainMenuStyle;
180 top=92;
181 screenposition="left";
182 left="offset=10";
183 orientation="horizontal";
184 menuwidth=580;
185 aI("openonclick=1;text=City<br>Clerk;showmenu=TopCityClerk;");
186 aI("openonclick=1;text=City<br>Council;showmenu=TopCityCouncil;");
187 aI("openonclick=1;text=Community<br>Development;showmenu=TopCommunityDevelopment;");
188 aI("openonclick=1;text=Human<br>Resources;showmenu=TopHumanResources;");
189 aI("openonclick=1;text=Public<br>Works;showmenu=TopPublicWorks;pagematch=/pages/departments/publicworks.lasso;");
190 aI("openonclick=1;text=Police<br>Dept;showmenu=TopPoliceDept;");
191 aI("openonclick=1;text=Finance;showmenu=TopFinance;");
192 }
195 // Categories belonging to "City Clerk" department
196 with(milonic=new menuname("TopCityClerk")){
197 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
198 screenposition="left";
199 left="offset=11";
200 top="131";
201 itemwidth=580;
202 aI("openonclick=1;text=City Clerk <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/clerk.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
203 aI("openonclick=1;text=Municipal Code;url=#;");
204 aI("openonclick=1;text=Town Hall Use;url=#;");
205 aI("openonclick=1;text=Consultants & Contractors: <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;City Insurance;url=#;");
206 aI("openonclick=1;text=Requests for Proposals & Bids;url=#;");
207 aI("openonclick=1;text=Encroachments;url=#;");
208 aI("openonclick=1;text=City Elections;url=#;");
209 aI("openonclick=1;text=FPPC & County Website Links;url=#;");
210 }
213 // Categories belonging to "City Council" department
214 with(milonic=new menuname("TopCityCouncil")){
215 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
216 screenposition="left";
217 left="offset=11";
218 top="131";
219 itemwidth=580;
220 aI("openonclick=1;text=City Council <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/citycouncil.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
221 aI("openonclick=1;text=Agendas & Minutes;url=#;");
222 aI("openonclick=1;text=Council Members;url=#;");
223 aI("openonclick=1;text=City Council: <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;Calendar of Events;url=#;");
224 aI("openonclick=1;text=How to's;url=#;");
225 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
226 }
229 // Categories belonging to "Community Development" department
230 with(milonic=new menuname("TopCommunityDevelopment")){
231 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
232 screenposition="left";
233 left="offset=11";
234 top="131";
235 itemwidth=580;
236 aI("openonclick=1;text=Community Development <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/communitydevelopment.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
237 aI("openonclick=1;text=Planning Commission;url=#;");
238 aI("openonclick=1;text=Public Hearing Notices;url=#;");
239 aI("openonclick=1;text=Land Use & Development;url=#;");
240 aI("openonclick=1;text=Citywide Design Guidelines;url=#;");
241 aI("openonclick=1;text=General Plan;url=#;");
242 aI("openonclick=1;text=Mayor's \"Well Done Award\";url=#;");
243 aI("openonclick=1;text=Planning Permit Brochures;url=#;");
244 aI("openonclick=1;text=Editable Planning Application;url=#;");
245 aI("openonclick=1;text=GP Planning Page;url=#;");
246 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
247 }
250 // Categories belonging to "Human Resources" department
251 with(milonic=new menuname("TopHumanResources")){
252 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
253 screenposition="left";
254 left="offset=11";
255 top="131";
256 itemwidth=580;
257 aI("openonclick=1;text=Human Resources <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/humanresources.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
258 aI("openonclick=1;text=Job Postings;url=#;");
259 aI("openonclick=1;text=Something Else;url=#;");
260 aI("openonclick=1;text=And Something Else;url=#;");
261 aI("openonclick=1;text=And Something Else Again;url=#;");
262 aI("openonclick=1;text=Whatever Else;url=#;");
263 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
264 }
267 // Categories belonging to "Public Works" department
268 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPublicWorks")){
269 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
270 screenposition="left";
271 left="offset=11";
272 top="131";
273 itemwidth=580;
274 aI("openonclick=1;text=Public Works <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/publicworks.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
275 aI("openonclick=1;text=Something;url=#;");
276 aI("openonclick=1;text=Something Else;url=#;");
277 aI("openonclick=1;text=And Something Else;url=#;");
278 aI("openonclick=1;text=And Something Else Again;url=#;");
279 aI("openonclick=1;text=Whatever Else;url=#;");
280 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
281 }
284 // Categories belonging to "Police" department
285 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPoliceDept")){
286 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
287 screenposition="left";
288 left="offset=11";
289 top="131";
290 itemwidth=580;
291 aI("openonclick=1;text=Police Department <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/police.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
292 aI("openonclick=1;text=Mission Statement;url=#;");
293 aI("openonclick=1;text=Meet the Officers;url=#;");
294 aI("openonclick=1;text=COPPS Projects & Info;url=#;");
295 aI("openonclick=1;text=Code of Ethics;url=#;");
296 aI("openonclick=1;text=PAL Activities<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;and Board Members;url=/default2.html;");
297 aI("openonclick=1;text=Local Missing Persons;url=#;");
298 aI("openonclick=1;text=The Tipster Program;url=#;");
299 aI("openonclick=1;text=The Police Cadets Program;url=#;");
300 aI("openonclick=1;text=Job Opportunities;url=#;");
301 aI("openonclick=1;text=Schedule of Fees;url=#;");
302 aI("openonclick=1;text=Fingerprinting;url=#;");
303 aI("openonclick=1;text=Schedule of Upcomming Events;url=#;");
304 aI("openonclick=1;text=Gang Awareness;url=#;");
305 aI("openonclick=1;text=Graffiti Program;url=#;");
306 aI("openonclick=1;text=Office Hours;url=#;");
307 aI("openonclick=1;text=Frequently Requested Forms;url=#;");
308 aI("openonclick=1;text=Links;url=#;");
309 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
310 }
313 // Categories belonging to "Finance" department
314 with(milonic=new menuname("TopFinance")){
315 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
316 screenposition="left";
317 left="offset=11";
318 top="131";
319 itemwidth=580;
320 aI("openonclick=1;text=Finance Department <font size=-2>(home)</font>;url=/pages/departments/finance.lasso;image=/images/home.jpg;imagealign=left");
321 aI("openonclick=1;text=City Treasurer;url=#;");
322 aI("openonclick=1;text=Fiscal Responsibilities<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;and Mandates;url=#;");
323 aI("openonclick=1;text=Frequently Requested Forms;url=#;");
324 aI("openonclick=1;text=Documents;url=#;");
325 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
326 }
328 // NEXT: the Documents "Library" 
329 // Can be dynamically generated from the PDF Searchable DB
330 // Grouped by Department or Category
331 with(milonic=new menuname("TopLibrary")){
332 style=TopSubTwoMainMenuStyle;
333 screenposition="left";
334 left="offset=11";
335 top="91";
336 itemwidth=580;
337 aI("text=Draw from an extensive library of usefull city forms and documents.<br>All in downloadable (PDF) format;type=header;itemheight=38;bgimage=/images/trans_BlueGrey.png;onbgcolor=none;pagebgimage=none;headerborder=1px solid #FFFFFF;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;margin=10;");
338 aI("openonclick=1;text=Organized<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;by General Category;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryOne;");
339 aI("openonclick=1;text=Organized<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;by Department of Origin;showmenu=TopPDFsByDepartment;");
340 aI("openonclick=1;text=Document Search Tool;url=#;");
341 aI("openonclick=1;text=FAQ;url=#;");
342 }
345 // PDFs by Category#1 - 2B Dynamic byLasso
346 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryOne")){
347 style=TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle;
348 top=133;
349 left=232;
350 itemwidth=167;
351 itemheight=40;
352 orientation="horizontal";
353 aI("text=DOCUMENTS;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryDocksTwo;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/pdf.gif;imageposition=left;");
354 aI("text=FORMS;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryFormsTwo;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/pdf.gif;imageposition=right;");
355 }
357 // PDFs by Category Docs#2 - 2B Dynamic byLasso
358 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryDocksTwo")){
359 style=TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle;
360 top=173;
361 left=232;
362 itemwidth=147;
363 itemheight=40;
364 orientation="horizontal";
365 aI("text=<font size=-2>by</font><br>Department;align=right;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryDocsThreeByDept;fontsize=75%;rawcss=padding-right:15px;");
366 aI("text=<font size=-2>by</font><br>Need;align=left;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryDocsThreeByNeed;fontsize=75%;rawcss=padding-left:1px;");
367 }
369 // PDFs by Category Forms#2 - 2B Dynamic byLasso
370 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryFormsTwo")){
371 style=TopSubThreeMainMenuStyle;
372 top=173;
373 left=232;
374 itemwidth=147;
375 itemheight=40;
376 orientation="horizontal";
377 aI("text=<font size=-2>by</font><br>Department;align=right;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryFormsThreeByDept;fontsize=75%;rawcss=padding-right:15px;");
378 aI("text=<font size=-2>by</font><br>Need;align=left;showmenu=TopPDFsByCategoryFormsThreeByNeed;fontsize=75%;rawcss=padding-left:1px;");
379 }
381 // PDFs by Category Docs#3 byDept - 2B Dynamic byLasso
382 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryDocsThreeByDept")){
383 style=TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle;
384 top=213;
385 left=232;
386 itemwidth=333;
387 overflow="scroll";
388 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>City Clerk</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
389 aI("text=Town Hall Use;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
390 aI("text=City Insurance Requirements;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
392 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>City Council</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
393 aI("text=City Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
394 aI("text=City Council Minutes (most recent);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
395 aI("text=City Council Minutes (archived);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
396 aI("text=How to put an item on the Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
397 aI("text=CDC Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
398 aI("text=F & A Commitee Agendas and Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
399 aI("text=Public Safety Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
400 aI("text=Public Works Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
401 aI("text=CDAB Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
403 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Police Department</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
404 aI("text=Press Releases;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
405 aI("text=CHP 555 short;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
406 aI("text=Info Only Report;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
407 }
409 // PDFs by Category Docs#3 byNeed - 2B Dynamic byLasso
410 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryDocsThreeByNeed")){
411 style=TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle;
412 top=213;
413 left=232;
414 itemwidth=333;
415 overflow="scroll";
416 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Proceedures & Policies</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
417 aI("text=Town Hall Use;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
418 aI("text=City Insurance Requirements;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
419 aI("text=How to put an item on the Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
421 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Agendas, Minutes & Public Records</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
422 aI("text=City Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
423 aI("text=City Council Minutes (most recent);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
424 aI("text=City Council Minutes (archived);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
425 aI("text=CDC Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
426 aI("text=F & A Commitee Agendas and Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
427 aI("text=Public Safety Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
428 aI("text=Public Works Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
429 aI("text=CDAB Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
430 aI("text=Press Releases;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
432 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Miscellaneous</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
433 aI("text=CHP 555 short;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
434 aI("text=Police Info Only Report;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
435 }
437 // PDFs by Category Forms#3 byDept - 2B Dynamic byLasso
438 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryFormsThreeByDept")){
439 style=TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle;
440 top=213;
441 left=232;
442 itemwidth=333;
443 overflow="scroll";
444 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>City Clerk</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
445 aI("text=Public Records Request;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
446 aI("text=Encroachment Permit Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
448 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>City Council</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
449 aI("text=Speaker Card Forms;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
451 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Police Department</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
452 aI("text=Cadet Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
453 aI("text=Job Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
454 aI("text=Parking Ticket Appeal;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
455 }
457 // PDFs by Category Forms#3 byNeed - 2B Dynamic byLasso
458 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByCategoryFormsThreeByNeed")){
459 style=TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle;
460 top=213;
461 left=232;
462 itemwidth=333;
463 overflow="scroll";
464 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Permits & Applications</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
465 aI("text=Encroachment Permit Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
466 aI("text=Cadet Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
467 aI("text=Job Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
469 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Request & Appeal Forms</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
470 aI("text=Public Records Request;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
471 aI("text=Parking Ticket Appeal;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
473 aI("type=header;text=<font color=gold>Miscellaneous</font>;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;align=center;");
474 aI("text=Speaker Card Forms;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
475 }
479 // PDFs by Department - 2B Dynamic byLasso
480 with(milonic=new menuname("TopPDFsByDepartment")){
481 style=TopPDFsByDepartmentStyle;
482 top=133;
483 left=232;
484 itemwidth=340;
485 overflow="scroll";
486 aI("type=header;text=from the <font color=gold>&nbsp; City Clerk</font>;image=/images/pdf.gif;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;");
487 aI("text=Public Records Request;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
488 aI("text=Town Hall Use;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
489 aI("text=City Insurance Requirements;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
490 aI("text=Encroachment Permit Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
492 aI("type=header;text=from the <font color=gold>&nbsp; City Council</font>;image=/images/pdf.gif;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;");
493 aI("text=City Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
494 aI("text=City Council Minutes (most recent);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
495 aI("text=City Council Minutes (archived);url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
496 aI("text=Speaker Card Forms;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
497 aI("text=How to put an item on the Council Agenda;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
498 aI("text=CDC Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
499 aI("text=F & A Commitee Agendas and Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
500 aI("text=Public Safety Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
501 aI("text=Public Works Commitee Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
502 aI("text=CDAB Agendas & Minutes;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
504 aI("type=header;text=from the <font color=gold>&nbsp; Police Department</font>;image=/images/pdf.gif;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;");
505 aI("text=Cadet Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
506 aI("text=Job Application;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
507 aI("text=Press Releases;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
508 aI("text=CHP 555 short;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
509 aI("text=Info Only Report;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
510 aI("text=Parking Ticket Appeal;url=#;fontsize=75%;padding=2;image=/images/blank10x10.gif;");
511 }
515 // Simple search
516 with(milonic=new menuname("TopSearch")){
517 style=TopSubTwoHeaderStyle;
518 screenposition="left";
519 left="offset=10";
520 top="91";
521 itemwidth=579;
522 aI("type=form;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;text=<form name=form1 action=/pages/searchResults.lasso><font color=#FBDFB4>Do a simple search of this site... </font><input style=background-color:#EBE689 type=text name=simplesearch> <input type=submit value=search></form>;");
523 aI("openonclick=0;bgimage=/images/solidblue.gif;itemheight=60;text=<font color=white size=-2>Alternately try our</font> <u><font color=white style=font-variant:small-caps>ADVANCED SEARCH</font></u>&nbsp;&nbsp;;fontsize=75%;align=right;url=/pages/advancedSearch.lasso;");
524 }
526 // Sub search (advanced) tab
527 with(milonic=new menuname("AdvancedSearch")){
528 style=AdvancedSearchSubTabStyle;
529 top="offset=68";
530 left="11";
531 itemwidth=577;
532 aI("text=The Advanced Search Form or whatever you're using for advanced search will open here..;align=right;");
533  }
536 // Example, using TopMyCity of form when "type=header"
537 with(milonic=new menuname("TopMyCity")){
538 style=TopSubTwoHeaderStyle;
539 screenposition="left";
540 left="offset=10";
541 top="91";
542 itemwidth=577;
543 //aI("type=header;rawcss=font-variant:small-caps;text=<form name=form2 action=><input type=hidden name=flavor value=subscribe><input type=hidden name=list value=pda><font color=#FBDFB4>Our Newsletter... </font><input style=background-color:#EBE689 type=text name=email> <input type=submit value=Subscribe></form>;");
544 }
546 drawMenus();

Any Ideas?

-Tim Hall

Poster: Maestro
Dated: Wednesday January 19 2005 - 18:32:10 GMT

I also tried it with an exact matching url string..
// Sub to "Main Menue" are the five main departments
with(milonic=new menuname("TopDepartments")){

It still doesn't work :|

Poster: Maestro
Dated: Wednesday January 19 2005 - 18:55:45 GMT

Just for a bit of clarification..

I created the <body onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" part because I want to be able to click a link (in the page-right side) menu - which is not a milonic menu, by the way - to load the page as if it were obtained by traversing a milonic menu.

In other words, GOTO the following page..

You'll notice that at the top of the page that the milonic menu's "Departments" element is highlighted. Clicking on it will show that the milonic sub-menu's "Public Works" item is also highlighted.

Now, look on the right side of the page, find the link that says "Public Works" there, it's highlighted too, but it is not a milonic menu this time.

If you click on it, it will take you to..

The milonic sub-menu opens because I put the onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" in the body tag; but, now the highlighting doesn't work.

That is why I'm trying to use "pagematch".
Can this be done, I wonder?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 3:03:16 GMT

I'm not really sure about all the .lasso? but have you tried setting the pagematch to pagematch=/pages/departments/


Poster: Maestro
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 3:57:22 GMT

I'm not really sure about all the .lasso?

No matter, it has absolutly nothing to do with the problem. The only reason I even mentioned it was to paint a complete picture for you.

but have you tried setting the pagematch to pagematch=/pages/departments/

That made no difference.
I would be surprized if it had, since there are other pages in /departments/ besides publicworks.lasso; and how would it know that that was the specific page I was currently on? - which is the point of pagematch ;) and why I need it here to begin with.

Me thinks that pagematch no workie.
By the way, we either have just, or are just about to pay for some licenses. Not in my name however; my employer Sage Statham is the guy placing the order. I thought I'd mention it since y'all have been real great at answering all me questions.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand..
I wonder if the <body onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" part isn't preventing the pagematch from working somehow?

What do you think?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 6:41:39 GMT

Maestro wrote:
I would be surprized if it had, since there are other pages in /departments/ besides publicworks.lasso; and how would it know that that was the specific page I was currently on? - which is the point of pagematch and why I need it here to begin with.

Actually, it would work by having the pagematch match a directory. It would be much easier to layout with an image:

directory structure: /pages/departments/
aI string : aI(text=whatever;url=pages/departments/;pagematch=/pages/departments/";);

When you open in the /pages/department/ the menu will highlight because the pagematch is to the directory /pages/departments/, if you have links on the, and they open pages that are in the /pages/departments/ then the menu will continue to be highlighted, because the highlighting was set to match the directory. Therefore, since you have the page publicworks.lasso loaded from the /pages/departments/ when you click a link on that page if the link opens a page from the same directory, the highlight should remain.

I notice you don't have pagematch in the ("TopPublicWorks') menu in the aI string for the Public Works link, you might put one there and see if that helps.


Poster: Maestro
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 10:30:35 GMT

What you're saying is I'm sure true, although I did try it as you sugested and I could not get it to work; but it's not what I want to do anyway - perhaps I haven't stated my goal effectevly..

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words :P

..the links on the right part of the page, which are not Milonic related, I want these to cause the Milanic Menus illustrated in the animation to highlight depending on the link clicked on the right.

    If I click "Public Works" on the right, I would want to see the "Departments" and "Public Works" highlighted at the top.

    If I click the "Human Resources" link on the right, I want to see "Departments" and "Human Resources" highlighted at the top, etc. the way.. "Human Resources", "Public Works", "City Clerk", "City Council", "Community Development", "Police" and "Finance" are all inside the /pages/departments/ directory..

What you have suggested means that no matter which of these pages are loaded, because they're in the same directory together, "Departments" will highlight in all cases when one of them gets clicked.

That (unfortunately) is only half the solution; as I need the proper highlighting one level deeper to show up at the same time, i.e.: my example discussed above.

Do you think this is even possible?
So far I have not seen any evedance that more than one menu can be opened through the "popup" (JS) function - which sugests that in this kind of case, where I need to show page-related highlighting at two adjacent levels simultaniously - may not be possible either. :?:

This kind'a relates to another question I posted about opening a cascade of menues through a single click - no one answered that one at all; perhaps it's just too far out of the box.

If it is, I am sorry to belabor the point so emphatically.
I just want to know if it can be done - or, if perhaps it's somewhere in the works to the best of your knowledge?

Thanks again for putting up with me.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 17:39:02 GMT

Well, the only way I can think that possibility will work is to have you put the various pages in their own downlevel directory and then in the aI string that would open that page you'd place your pagematch= code.

/pages/departments/ and under that would be directories for each department. Then in the links to open the various pages you would place the pagematch=/pages/departments/clerk/ or /pages/departments/council/ and so on for whatever department. Each of those would then match when any page was opened in that directory. For example, if you open the council main page, any link from that page to one that is in /pages/departments/council folder should give you the highlight on departments/council.


Poster: Maestro
Dated: Thursday January 20 2005 - 18:31:36 GMT

Thanks Ruth.
I might try that; but the more I look into it the more it looks like my idea is beyond the scope of the Milonic Menu system at its current level of development.

Milonic is such a wonderful thing that I just figured there would be a way, if only I could clarify my needs properly. Perhaps one day you will add this specific ability to what is obviously one of the most incredible developer tools to come around in a long long time.

Thanks for trying to help me find a work around.
I will probably just let it go now, unless you have any other ideas on the matter yourself?

To summarize: I think that the "popup()" functionality and the "pagematch" functionality are mutually incompatable in their "current" incarnations. It also appears that there is not any easy way to "popup()" a chain of contiguous menus from a single click within an external link.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday January 21 2005 - 0:24:26 GMT

Well, the links at the right are not related to the Milonic menu, so I'm not really sure how pagematching would work with them except when using it as a match to a directory structure as I mentioned. Unless you can figure a way to make the links read the menu pagematching function and use it. But, I don't know programs nor functions.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday January 21 2005 - 2:58:12 GMT

Hi Tim,
I asked about the pagematch because it does work with links using the directory structure as I mention so there should be a way to do this. Again, I am not a real knowledgeable person, so I don't know what all the publicworks.lasso?dptCall=TopDepartments is, but the suggestion was made that you try pagematch=/pages/departments/publicworks.lasso?dptCall=TopDepartments and see if that would do it. I'm not sure. If that fails, I suggest you set the url in the menu to the same as the html link at the right.


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Friday January 21 2005 - 7:25:03 GMT

Hi Tim,

Ruth's suggestion should at least test whether the pagematch feature will actually match such a url. If it won't match the entire url, then something else is amiss. That'll at least get us a little further down the road diagnostically.


EDIT: Oops... :oops: I just saw here that you already tried that and it didn't work. Sorry about that. This post is getting so long that it's hard to keep track of what's going on.

Back to the drawing board...

Poster: Maestro
Dated: Saturday January 22 2005 - 10:24:41 GMT

I figured it out, and the answer to at least half of my request is actually quite simple. But first, your question..
Ruth's suggestion should at least test whether the pagematch feature will actually match such a url

Not using pagematch, no, ..not when onLoad="popup('TopDepartments');" is used in the <body> tag.
But, pagematch (it turns out) isn't necessary this time.
By (instead) following Ruth's suggestion but incorporating it into a lasso function, well then - the intrinsic pagematch does work.

Of course, it could just as easily have been done entirely in javascript; but I am more proficient using lasso. Any scripting analog that can parse tokens (that is.. variables) in the page which get parsed into their actual value before the page finishes loading will work!

My solution takes two parts:
-Because I want to generate a single open sub-menu via a non-milonic link (on the same page), 'with' the (milonic-ish-like) added benefit that normally results when users click their way through the Milonic Menue system leaving a breadcrum-like trail of highlights to visually remind them (the visitor/site user) of the navigation steps they followed to get there in the first place.. I
1. Created this very simple lasso function that asks "if the url of the submitted page contains '/documents/'"
set a variable to the literal text string
" onLoad=\"popup('TopDepartments');\""

And then..
Since lasso code is processed server-side, before the rest of the page is read by the browser (client-side), -that variable would otherwise be null, by the way- I simply insert the var immediately after the BODY word;
like this..

The end result gives me a two tiered (top and secondary) highlighted Milonic Menu, set from clicking a link calling (back to) the same page.

Obfuscated, isn't it? 8O

The reason for all this obsucation is because there just doesn't seem to be a purely Melonic way to do this otherwise.

Poster: Maestro
Dated: Saturday January 22 2005 - 10:30:59 GMT

The great thing though, is that without Milonic Menus all this would have taken a lot of custom lasso (or whatever) code to accomplish - too much work, really; but now it can be done - ubiquitously in fact.

Thank you.