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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:56

New here: few questions, few problems with menu

Poster: spiritdane
Dated: Monday January 24 2005 - 17:10:46 GMT

Greetings! I've just begun using milonic menu on our site for the first time. Overall I'm very pleased, however, I've hit a few snags and not sure how to fix. Has there been any issues with menu's not operating correctly or not seen with people running Windows XP SP2? Or still issues with virus protection and/or firewalls?

I've had two people so far, they say can not use the menu. One see's the menu, but they are not working. Another has told me no menu what so ever shows up, nor is she seeing the <noscript> page. Both are running Windows XP SP2 and I'm assuming both are running Norton virus. One is behind a firewall for sure, not sure on the other.

Second question is, since using this, on page load on the status bar, I see breif reference to loading about.blank. Is this normal? Can I get rid of it?

in case needed, I'm running windows Me, IE, Netscape, and Opera all current versions and having no menu issues. Site issues, yes but my mistakes!

Thanks for any suggestions!

Poster: John
Dated: Monday January 24 2005 - 18:52:01 GMT

I see a few things (mostly minor)...

1. Items that are 'null' (e.g., subimage=""; ) can be left out of the code.

2. The last 2 menus in your _data file have no names, which could cause problems. Since they're Milonic items you can just delete them.

3. In your Main Menu a few of the aI statements have the wrong close...

Should be...

Note the missing ; toward the end. Minor.

I'm on XP Pro/IE6 (no ME to test with) behind 2 firewalls and am having no trouble at all with your page.

As for blank.htm (no "about.blank" that I know of), unless you're running https, which you don't appear to be, you can dump it.

Poster: spiritdane
Dated: Monday January 24 2005 - 21:22:31 GMT

Thanks John!

I changed the ; on the menu's, took the submenu items not in use off then reloaded. Person having trouble emailed back, still having trouble. "All the links on the LEFT are working EXCEPT the Addison Disease link and all it's components." The other person, still can't see menu. I've tested this now on Windows 98 running Netscape 6.2, EI and Opera, all work. Windows XPsp1 using EI 6.02sp2 all works, and Windows Me, EI 6, Net 7.2, Opera 7.54, and Firefox, all works.

Other than something in my page, code? I saw on menu version 3.5.14 where there were issues with virus protection, Norton? Could this still be an issue?

On the about.blank, it's either just my computer(s) that's getting it or it's so fast in showing you can't see it. On dial-up I can clearly see it. Others it's hard.

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday January 25 2005 - 0:37:17 GMT

spiritdane wrote:
...I saw on menu version 3.5.14 where there were issues with virus protection, Norton? Could this still be an issue?

If I remember correctly, that 3.5.14 issue had do with the <script> tag being generated dynamically. So I don't think that's it. But you may be on the right track.

Symantec's "Internet Security" (or whatever they call it) introduced "Ad Blocking" functions that may prevent some menus from showing up. (See this post and this one, for example; also this useful link). Could it be that your menus contain a "banned" Key Word? i notice, for exammple, that the word "Medications" appears in the "Addison's Disease" submneu (one that's causing problems for one of your users). Don't know what would be in the main menu causing problems for the other user.
I may have missed it, but I didn't see mention of what OS/Browsers are being used by the two visitors who are having problems... any idea? And do you know for sure if they are using Symantec Internet Security?

FWIW, it works fine for me in WinXPSP2/IE6/NS7.1.

Re: the about:blank thing. People sometimes set their home page to about:blank, to increase the startup speed of IE. Check your Tools | Internet Options... is your home page set to about:blank?



Poster: spiritdane
Dated: Tuesday January 25 2005 - 1:42:28 GMT

John you may be right on! And I'm sure our site contains a lot of words that could cause blocking. Both users are running xp sp2 and Norton. I've emailed them to try the site with ad blocking, pop-up and parental turned off.

Another issue I just remembered, I loaded a email script inside my footer script. Removed that and gave them a page to try. See if that caused problems.

The links though you gave sounded way to familiar. I've got people testing this on all kinds and even people running same thing these two are running and having no problems. I'll let you know what happens. I'll see if I can get my Norton to screw up the page as well... shouldn't be hard.

As for about.blank. No it's not my homepage. Until trying out this menu, I've never seen it come up on my pages. However, prior, I did a reformat and new install after about.blank virus pegged me. Only other difference is ME updates, Front-page updates, and running Norton 2005. I'll probably take the page apart piece by piece to narrow it down. Probably doesn't matter a bit, but for computer crash reasons, I don't like seeing about.blank on my computer!

Thanks again!

Poster: spiritdane
Dated: Tuesday January 25 2005 - 2:03:16 GMT

John I turned on my ad-blocking and pop-up thru Norton. Not 100% this is all it, but it did mess the pages up. I still need to play with it but went into the advanced options on ad-blocking... ad Addisons.. when I redid the site, I renamed the Addison's section ad

I can use the menu, but others may have their virus protection different from.

Getting there I think!