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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:54

With V 5.712 get unlicened Milonic DHTML menu Dialog Box

Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 3:52:20 GMT

I just installed Version 5.712 and to my amazement when I checked into my site I got a dialog box advising that I was using an unlicened copy of the menu. I checked and did in fact have a licensed copy installed:
License Details:
Number: 186030
Type: Free
Dated: Friday November 12 2004

I have now reverted back to Version 5.711 and all nominal again. I tried the menu with NS 7 and Firefox and received the alert with both browsers.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 7:08:52 GMT

Hi Jim,
There was a change with that version. You can see the information HERE about LINK BACK about why and how to fix that.


Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 15:04:08 GMT

So that you can better help me with this, please look at the test folder that I created with ONLY my index page (no graphics). I put the version 7.12 in this folder. You can see the resulting alert box. FYI the 'exact' Milonic linkback tag is included on this page.
Please look at:

My site is actually at: and on this site I reverted back to V 7.11

I saw the notice with regards to 7.11. I had and have 7.11 installed with the link back to Milonic that I have always had on my site without getting the dialog box. That is why I was suprised to see the notice when I went up to 7.12 and dont see it with 7.11.

Thank You.

Poster: John
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 15:22:55 GMT

Hi Jim -

Very strange. I downloaded your test code to my site. Made no changes at all except to add a full URL to pick up the menu code from your site (5.712). So far I do not get the popup, although I did see it on your link.

Tied up with some fire inspections, but I will dig into this further when I get back this afternoon.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 16:00:25 GMT

Just for further information, I don't get the popup on IE5.5, Opera 7.11, but it does happen on Netscape 7.11. Is the menu getting loaded and the function being triggered before the link on the page is fully there? The menu codes are in the head also, maybe putting them right after the body tag? I have no clue about how the browsers load pages and files.


Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 17:43:44 GMT

Thanks Ruth. I moved the script from the head to the body. I still get the dialog box with Netscape 7.2 and Firefox V 1. I DID NOT get the dialog box with Internet Explorer 6.


Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 17:52:59 GMT

Just to eliminate any thought that some of the other javascript on my page could be causing the problem. - I eliminated all code on the page except for the menu calls and the milonic linkback.

This new test page is at:

Poster: John
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 18:54:16 GMT

For clarification, I'm not seeing the popup on Safari (local code). Later I'll (gulp - grimace) fire up Windoze and see what happens there.

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Friday February 11 2005 - 20:05:14 GMT

Hi Jim,
jimsohn wrote:
...FYI the 'exact' Milonic linkback tag is included on this page....

Well.... it turns out that it isn't exactly exact ;) . The code on your test page is:
    <P ALIGN="RIGHT"><A HREF="">JavaScript Menu Courtesy

Notice that the text in the link ("JavaScript Menu Courtesy of") is split across two lines. That split includes a carriage return and two tabs. It seems that IE6 is forgiving of the discrepancy, but NS7 and Firefox are not.

Try putting the code all one one line. That should fix it.



Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 3:04:30 GMT

Kevin that did it. I went into my source code using notepad and hand edited the code so that it was all on one line:
[code<P><A HREF="">JavaScript Menu Courtesy of</A> </P>]

Originally I copied the code from the Milonic page and pasted it into my Softquad html editor. The editor must have wrapped the sentence on a separtate line, however there was no code break showing in the code, just the wraparound.

Boy is this going to be a PAIN. I have the Milonic link on every page of my website but its inside a table and the html editor may have wrapped the line. I guess I shouldnt complain but this will mean that all of the pages will have to be hand edited so that no wraparound occurs with the code.

This is the code I have on all of my current webpages:

[/code<TABLE WIDTH="100%">
<P ALIGN="LEFT"><A HREF="">JavaScript Menu
Courtesy of</A></P></TD>
<P ALIGN="RIGHT"><FONT SIZE="-2" FACE="arial"><A
HREF="gbgmform.html"><IMG SRC="emailwebmaster_s.gif" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="20"
BORDER="0" ALT="eMail Jim Sohn"></A></FONT></P></TD>

Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 3:39:23 GMT

First...Sorry I got the CODE tag wrong in my prior comment.
As I said before I have a link back to milonic on every page of my website but the text wraps. (not a hard break in the code, just a wraparound put in by my html editor) This wraparound apparently is not acceptable to the milonic validity check with the Netscape 7.2 or Firefox browsers.

I will certainly go through and hand edit every page on my site if necessary to eliminate the wrap put in by my html editor. But before I do this I want to make sure that the code check in v 5.712 will continue to be the standard for validity checking. I personally believe it too constraining. Having the text and associated link is necessary to protect milonic but forcing the current wrap constraint may not be necessary to accomplish the goal.
As a FREE user I feel privileged to use the milonic menu. I will continue using V 5.711 which works great with my backlinks until I hear that I must hand edit the backlink code throught my site to ensure no wraparounds.

Poster: John
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 5:09:03 GMT

Well, then that leaves me very confused (which isn't too hard to do these days...). :?

I took the code I had downloaded earlier, with the wrap still in place, and uploaded it to my server. Looked at it in Safari again and also IE6 (shiver). I still did not get the popup that showed up on your site.

Also look at Tooltip

Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 5:37:17 GMT

John, I hesitate to cloud this with something else unusual. I have V 5.712 installed on
where we have been looking at the unlicensed menu dialog box.

Well there is another thing that you might want to investigate. I use the tooltips.js Version 1.1 installed which is for use with Menu Version 5.16 or higher.

There is a 'shadow' tooltip bar occuring. If you open the above test url then put your cursor over "Pastor Tony" you will see a tooltip bar appear that says "Walton C. Forstall, AKA Pastor Tony" and go away when you move your cursor off the button (what should happen). Now move your cursor straight down from the "pastor tony' button, then to the right or left. You will again see the tooltip bar appear where you moved the cursor. It stays there until you move your cursor again and click. This interesting event only started happening with the new tooltip.js module and the 5.xx menu.

No big deal but something to look at.


Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 14:52:06 GMT

Well we can close this problem for me. This morning I applied for and received a professional license for my Wesley United Methodist Church website. I downloaded the code with the professional status, installed it and all is well.

Of course I will continue to proudly display the Milonic back links. There have been some other church website friends who have visited and decided to use the Andy's exceptional menu capability.

Thanks for all those who have helped me with this.


Poster: John
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 18:16:07 GMT

There is a new tooltips file (v1.3) required for menu 5.7 and above. See You might want to subscribe to that topic so you can easily keep track of updates.
jimsohn wrote:
Of course I will continue to proudly display the Milonic back links. There have been some other church website friends who have visited and decided to use the Andy's exceptional menu capability.

Many thanks for the kind words, support, and 'salesmanship'. It is most appreciated.

Let us know how the new tooltips file works out.

Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Saturday February 12 2005 - 18:35:05 GMT

Thanks John. Yes I was remiss in not keeping up with the tooltip version level. I downloaded V 1.3 and uploaded to my server. The 'shadow tooltip' still appears on my page when you follow the instructions I provided in my prior msg. The new tooltip V 1.3 is on both my regular site (with the professional license):

and the site where I still have my free license
Thanks John,


Poster: John
Dated: Sunday February 13 2005 - 5:29:36 GMT

Jim, I'm not seeing a shadow on both Safari and Firefox/Mac. Unable to try anything on Windoze right now.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday February 13 2005 - 7:23:19 GMT

Just for information, I tried to test for the 'second' tip. I have IE5.5. Going down and then right to left I got nothing, I moved the mouse back and forth, up and down, but still nothing. Then, I moved my mouse from about the center left of the page in a kind of half cirlce motion to go up to the right side of my browser to links I have there and suddenly a tooltip appeared in the middle of the screen. I wasn't anywhere near the menu when it showed. My cursor was just about under the little browser logo that twirls when a page is being loaded.


Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Sunday February 13 2005 - 14:38:26 GMT

Ruth, thank you for running the test. Yes the tooltip phantom appears for me with IE, NS and Firefox. I find the occurrence is most consistently reproducted by holding my cursor over the button until the tip appears then bringing the mouse downward, stop, then to the right or left. But as you experienced, the tooltip will just sometimes appear in the most unexpected places.

Ruth do you think that this tooltip phantom rates a note on its own on the forum or is this place (buried deep within other comments) sufficient?

Thanks Ruth,

Poster: jimsohn
Dated: Monday February 14 2005 - 17:46:02 GMT

I saw that there was a pre-release of 5.713 and downloaded it with my FREE license vs my professional license. I uploaded the files to my test folder and now with this pre-release of 5.713 I no longer get the Unlicensed dialog box that was present with release 5.712 on the test folder at: