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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:54

Trigger menu from my own images... Is this possible?

Poster: bizweb
Dated: Thursday February 10 2005 - 8:54:17 GMT

Hello people!

I'm looking around for a menu to fulfil our needs.

Basically, we've designed a nice set of main nav buttons, complete with mouseover images. What I'd like to know is can we get a Milonic menu to appear when we mouseover also.

So initially, there is no milonic menu displayed - just our page with nav buttons. If we have no sub-pages - then no milonic menu appears... If we have sub-pages, then our mouseover image appears and a lovely milonic menu appears below... If it's possible, and you can point me in the right direction - that would be great!

Sorry if this is a daft question, but hopefully someone will know the answer!



Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday February 10 2005 - 9:29:37 GMT

Hi Alec,

bizweb wrote:
Sorry if this is a daft question, but hopefully someone will know the answer!

There are no daft questions, but you may get daft answers, especially from me :?

I'm not sure I understand about the if there are no sub pages part, but you can design the Milonic menu to be a popup menu and have that happen from a MouseOver event. I'm thinking that perhaps as to the other part about the no menu if no sub pages, you might have to either set some function for your nav buttons to not show up or to not be functioning if there are no pages to link, or maybe you can set a function that won't drop down the milonic menu on that item if there are no pages for links.

Could you put up a test page and then someone with much more knowledge of code could probably help you. I'm pretty function illiterate :(

You can get information on the pop function HERE It's down at the bottom of that methods and functions page. You can also reach it through the main home page, under DHTML Menu, Menu Quick Reference Guides.

Hope that helps.


That help a lot

Poster: bizweb
Dated: Thursday February 10 2005 - 9:46:47 GMT

Thanks Ruth.

I hadn't grasped the concept of the PopUp function.

This answers my question completely - the nav buttons without sub-pages are not an issue, I can simply handle these outside the milonic world.

Thanks again


Poster: John
Dated: Thursday February 10 2005 - 13:53:19 GMT

Take a look at with the data at for a way to get the menu to handle it all.