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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:55

menu-open delay not working

Poster: nbozic
Dated: Tuesday February 1 2005 - 14:55:25 GMT


For some reason my menu opens instantly when a user moves the mouse over it. This makes things frustrating, since this happens all the time by accident.

I tried using something like this, but it doesn't work:

Here's the webpage:

How can I create a delay? Thanks!


Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday February 1 2005 - 16:32:14 GMT


_menuOpenDelay normally applies only to menus opened from a vertical parent menu. To change that:

(1) Update to the latest version (I don't recall if you can change it in 5.48, which is what you have now).

(2) set horizontalMenuDelay = true; at the top of your menu_chamber.js file, where the other global variables are set. YOu can read more about this and other global menu properties here.



Poster: nbozic
Dated: Tuesday February 1 2005 - 18:31:17 GMT


Poster: nbozic
Dated: Tuesday February 1 2005 - 19:52:06 GMT

I tried to upgrade the menu... but couldn't. The only option was to download the "evaluation copy", since my support license expired a couple of months ago.
So, I renewed a few minutes ago (for $19.53), but I still can't download the professional copy of the menu. It still says "The Domain name that this download has been created for is: Unlicensed".

What should I do?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday February 1 2005 - 21:20:50 GMT

Hi NB,
Probably the database had not been updated yet to reflect your renewel. Try again and if it still is not updated, contact marty[at]milonic[dot]com with the problem.


Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday February 2 2005 - 0:16:59 GMT

Also, make sure you are logged in to the download site first. Otherwise the eval is all you'll get.

Poster: Andy
Dated: Wednesday February 2 2005 - 7:10:07 GMT

Hi nbozic,

For some reason the system didn't create a license for you.

Odd that you never had one to start with too.

Oh well, I've added a license now and everything should be OK


Poster: nbozic
Dated: Thursday February 3 2005 - 19:39:37 GMT


Maybe the reason the license didn't work for me was that I used different info while ordering. I'm a new web developer for GLI, so I used different email address and such when I purchased the upgrade. I'm not sure...

Poster: nbozic
Dated: Thursday February 3 2005 - 20:00:54 GMT

I just upgraded and added this piece of code on top of the javascript page:
horizontalMenuDelay = true;

There is a short delay, however, the menu still opens after the delay.

Is there a way to delay the opening of the menu, and the menu doesn't open if the user doesn't have the cursor over it anymore?
In other words, is there a way to stop the menu from opening when users go over it by accident?


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday February 4 2005 - 5:54:41 GMT

If the mouse is on the item and it has a submenu, then it would open after the delay. You have it set at 300, you might try 500 and see if that acts more as you'd like. The other option would be to set the main menu so that the submenus open on click.

It would be easy to do, but you would have to make a change. Right now you have the main menu item a link to a page and a showmenu. For all but Government Affairs it is the same as the first link in the submenu. To use the open on click to open the submenu without having it change the page [which would then make the submenu disappear] you'd have to remove that url link. Then in the menuStyle you could put the openonclick="true"; that would have the main item need a click to open the sub, but any submenu from a sub would by default open on mouseover. You'd also need to declare a different menu style for the subs to not have them open on click.

I see the menu has declared the style in each menu item in the submenus, you could instead define a second menuStyle [maybe call it subStyle] and declare all the style properties in that, leaving out the openonclick part. Then you wouldn't have to do all that typing in each item since they all seem to have the same things as to colors fonts bgimage etc. But, I don't know about asp so maybe you have to have it that way.

This topic is really basic, but might give you some info There is also a quick reference guide under the main site DHTML Menu link that gives the various properties. Hope that helps.


Poster: nbozic
Dated: Friday February 4 2005 - 17:11:56 GMT