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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Thursday February 8 2018 - 06:02:49

Image Alignment in Menu Item

Poster: Marc_J
Dated: Monday April 4 2005 - 14:22:19 BST

I want to change where an image is placed in a menu item, by default it's on the left...

I've made a small graphic which I want placed to the Right of the Menu Item text, my code is: -

Code: Select all

aI("status=Click for Info;text=info;url=info.html;image=info_up.gif;overimage=info_over.gif;")

which currently gives me (the (i)) represents my image: -

(i) info

I want: -

info (i)

Can this be done?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday April 4 2005 - 15:35:27 BST

Hi Marc_J

Yes, it can. There is a set of documents which list the various parameters that can be used. In this case it would be imagealign=right; which is placed in the aI string just like the other parameters, like image=;url=; and so on. The documents are found on the main site menu under DHTML Menu, Quick Reference Guides, I believe I also have links to a some of them below my name. They contain information on the style properties, menu properties, item properties. There is also a Beginners' Guide forum, it's real basic, a pretty quick read. And there is a Beginner's User Manual

The properties links will probably help the most for quick info.


Poster: Marc_J
Dated: Monday April 4 2005 - 16:14:06 BST

Thanks for the advice - I'd already looked through the links you gave and tried imagealign=right in the aI string but that didn't work, the images are always to the left of the text.

Code: Select all

aI("status=Click for Info;text=info;url=info.html;image=info_up.gif;overimage=info_over.gif;imagealign=right;");

Still gives me: -

(i) info

The only other image parameters are in the menu style: -


Poster: Marc_J
Dated: Monday April 4 2005 - 18:08:10 BST

I had a look around, and found the imageposition parameter, which can be set to top, middle, bottom, left, center or right.

I set it to right. The images are now on the right, but are now too high up!

Height-wise I need the text and images to be centred. It seems imagealign=right is supposed to do this, but it just isn't working for me :(

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Monday April 4 2005 - 20:38:38 BST


Sorry, I gave you the wrong one, it is imageposition that is supposed to be used to change it to the right from the left side in the item. I remember seeing a post at some point about where it ended up from top to bottom and the solution was to make an image with a transparent background the height of the menu centering the non transparent image in it. You can also use imagepadding=6px; or whatever you need to get it to center to the item text.