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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:25

menu shifting up on short page

Poster: duotwr
Dated: Friday June 4 2004 - 14:06:58 BST


slight problem with the menu. I've got the menu sitting in a table cell, left aligned on the page. When the page is viewed in a short browser window, where the bottom of the menu is below the foot of the browser window, the whole menu shifts up the page. It ends up with the bottom menu item at the bottom of the browser window, and the rest of the menu above.

So, inevitably it's mucking up the design for the page. Anyone got any ideas how to prevent this happening?

I'd like to be able to post a link to this, but unfortunately I can't.

Thanks in advance


Poster: Maz
Dated: Friday June 4 2004 - 15:14:12 BST

For suggestions, can you give the table a height, or do you need the menu in a table, if it was absolute it wouldn't move.


Poster: duotwr
Dated: Friday June 4 2004 - 15:43:23 BST

I'm not keen on giving the table a height. It's actually stretching to the length of the content in another cell, and there's plenty there, so it shouldn't be a problem with the table length.

I also don't want to put in absolute co-ordinates, I want it to flow with the page, and on different browsers it could end up being in a slightly different place.

At present I've just plonked the code into the table cell. There's a way of attaching it to an image though isn't there? If I attached it to a pic in the table cell would it make any difference?