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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:23

menu alignment issues

Dated: Saturday June 19 2004 - 18:55:23 BST

Two questions actually,
1. I have the right codes in the menu to align it to the center but it still renders on the left? Can someone tell me what is wrong withthe code for it?
the url for the menu is here ... Layout.htm

2. According to what I read on the site, there is a forced milonic link in the menu for unliscenced users, but that if you place a link on the menu yourself, that the default link will dissapear on pages that contain a link? Well I placed a link for Milonic inthe menu but the default one still there? The one I added is under the Saudec tab of the menu. At least thats how I thought it was supposed to work, because a friend of mine has the same setup with the milonic link under the "links" tab ofis menu and none on the main menu, and he has an unliscenced version too.

Poster: John
Dated: Saturday June 19 2004 - 19:40:36 BST

Read DHTML Menu Licensing on Note that the code must be on the web page, not in the menu.

Also, the code you added,, is incorrect. That URL no longer exists. The correct link is

Dated: Sunday June 20 2004 - 1:55:37 BST

OK, that explains a bit about that invalid url, LOL!

And I already read threw the examples and notes for the menu and still can't figure out why it renders on the left. :|

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday June 20 2004 - 3:09:07 BST

It's much easier when the link works! I know we can get the data file, but we can't get the images since the link gives a 404 not found error, nor can we check other coding on the page.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday June 20 2004 - 3:26:24 BST


These refer to text, not the menu, and valign="center"; is invalid that will take top, middle, bottom as an alignment for text.

Menualign is not for aligning the menu in the center of the page and it is not a global property so doesn't go in the top style definitions.

Screenposition is not a global setting either, but it is what puts the menu in the center of the screen. It goes in the menu definitions where you would put top and left.

You have a top and left position declared in the menu, and the screenposition="center"; is not in the correct place so the menu renders at the top left.

You need to take a look at this link It's a bit beginning, but covers some of the style properties. There are also links below the signature to style properties [these are the thing you can declare at the top section] menu properties [these get declared where you have the menu name, and item properties [these are the things you can put with the actual aI("text= item.

If you want your menu center screen, get rid of the menualign=center from the top, put screenposition="center"; in main menu, and get rid of the left position. If you want it to be down from the top you can leave that in the definition. If your design wants the menu to be just a little off center, then use left="offset=x"; putting a number to offset from the center in place of the x.


Dated: Sunday June 20 2004 - 3:55:30 BST

OK, thanks a lot! Works now. :D