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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:22

css/mac browser issues

Poster: iwbyte
Dated: Friday June 25 2004 - 18:42:16 BST

I've got a couple issues going on here.

Menu v5.26

Goal #1 - to have menus line up correctly under the 'online store' and 'about us' links, when the page is centered.

Problem: works great in windows/IE, works ok in Mac OS 9 IE and Mac OS X iE, doesn't work on Mac OS X Safari (menus are far left)

Goal #2 - use CSS for centralized font size control

Problem: on any of the sub-pages, if I specify a .css file to use as an external link for CSS delcarations, it adds space to the top of the page, messing up my menu placement. For some reason, if I declare the CSS directly in the page (without linking to an external .CSS file) then it works fine. naturally, CSS doesn't help me if I can't centrally load a .css file and manage all the changes from there. :cry:

Example w/external CSS link:

Example w/internal CSS info:

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday June 25 2004 - 19:22:08 BST

I'm not exactly sure what you mean about it adding a space if you call an external css file. The head section doesn't even get written in the browser as far as I know. I'd check the css file to see if you have some padding, margin declared.


Poster: iwbyte
Dated: Friday June 25 2004 - 20:11:44 BST

yeah, seems strange to me too, but if you have a mac browser to test on, you'll see what I mean

Poster: Maz
Dated: Friday June 25 2004 - 23:06:41 BST

In Safari, I see the right menu offset, if you need to adjust it use


where X can be positive or minus -

I don't see the spacing problem they all look the same to me.

However, you could adjust the font and then use css line-height.


Poster: iwbyte
Dated: Saturday June 26 2004 - 5:33:44 BST

I"m already using offset, since i'm offsetting from center. And it works fine in IE win, so i don't want to change the offset or it won't work there.

I'm baffled about the spacing issue - the extra space is around the top header - the top black bar is supposed to be flush with the top of the window, as it is in the other browsers, but in Mac IE it's got 10-20 pixels around each side of the black bar so its not flush left, right or top as it should be.

I appreciate the continued assistance - i've used this menu on a couple sites but never had need to come to the forum before, and now that i'm here i'm finding it a good resource.


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Saturday June 26 2004 - 14:41:08 BST

I'm not sure but I remember reading someplace about IE and the mac and something about tables and top and left offsets. Have you tried putting a class in your css file for that table?

Then put that class in the table defintion?


Poster: iwbyte
Dated: Wednesday June 30 2004 - 22:51:40 BST

Thanx for the tip, but no dice.

I also upgraded to 5.3 but didn't see any change.

I guess nobody else sees the spacing? Is anyone else using IE for Mac os 9 or X?

Poster: John
Dated: Wednesday June 30 2004 - 23:23:28 BST

I am a Mac user, but IE is long gone on my systems. Maz will have to be your eyes for this (unless some Mac users/customers step in).