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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:23

cannot put google insite

Poster: patricia
Dated: Friday June 18 2004 - 12:55:26 BST

hello sorry for anybad englisch
i downloaded the menu and im trying to use that new google search in it
but what ever i do some long line shows as text but must be code
im just making the menu but hope to bet it to work
this is that part i need to put in the file menu data

<FORM method=GET action=''>
<TABLE bgcolor='#FFFFFF'><tr><td nowrap='nowrap' valign='top' align='center' height='32'>
<A HREF=''>
<IMG SRC='' border=0 ALT='Google' align='absmiddle'></A>
<INPUT TYPE=text name=q size=25 maxlength=255 value=''>
<INPUT type=submit name=sa VALUE='Zoeken'>
<input type=hidden name=client value='pub-0010994296424294'>
<input type=hidden name=forid value='1'>
<input type=hidden name=ie value='ISO-8859-1'>
<input type=hidden name=oe value='ISO-8859-1'>
<input type=hidden name=cof value='GALT:#008000;GL:1;DIV:#336699;VLC:663399;AH:center;BGC:FFFFFF;LBGC:336699;ALC:000000;LC:000000;T:0000FF;GFNT:0000FF;GIMP:0000FF;FORID:1;'>
<input type=hidden name=hl value='be'>

this is what i made


aI("text=<FORM method=GET action=''><A HREF=''><IMG SRC='' border=0 ALT='Google' align='absmiddle'></A><INPUT TYPE=text name=q size=25 maxlength=255 value=''><br><INPUT type=submit name=sa VALUE='Zoeken'><input type=hidden name=client value='pub-0010994296424294'><input type=hidden name=forid value='1'><input type=hidden name=ie value='ISO-8859-1'><input type=hidden name=oe value='ISO-8859-1'><input type=hidden name=cof value='GALT:#008000;GL:1;DIV:#336699;VLC:663399;AH:center;BGC:FFFFFF;LBGC:336699;ALC:000000;LC:000000;T:0000FF;GFNT:0000FF;GIMP:0000FF;FORID:1;'><input type=hidden name=hl value='be'></FORM>;");

what i do wrong
can some one make this please


Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday June 18 2004 - 15:38:52 BST

You can't use ' inside the aI string. Try this LINK which has information about putting forms in the menu.
And this is about putting the google SEARCH in the menu

Poster: Maz
Dated: Friday June 18 2004 - 17:18:24 BST

You are missing type=form;

so after </form>;type=form;

although I suspect that last value might play havoc, hope not.


Poster: patricia
Dated: Friday June 18 2004 - 18:41:47 BST

thank you
it helped
it is ok now