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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:24

alignment problems after 5.22

Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 2:56:25 BST

This is one of the Web pages that the sub-menus are wrapping the text, which they didn't do on any of the prior versions.

Click over the first menu topic called "Motherboards" and you will see two sub menu links "[ Wireless Networking ] and "Wireless Connectivity"that are wrapping the text down.

Haven't changed anything in the data files, so the problem must be happening due to the 5.22 version.

Anyway, I sure could use some help making the text in the sub menus not wrap down.


Poster: mfurf
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 3:18:43 BST

The problem could be browser specific since it does not wrap in Mozilla.

But Mozilla has its own issues with your menu. The large submenu with the scroll bar disappears as soon as I try to scroll it. This does not happen in IE. /mfurf

alignment problems after 5.22

Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 3:35:03 BST

Thanks mfurf for your reply...

But, I would just like to consentrate on the wraping of text in the submenus for now, in IE.

Any help on this part would be appreciated

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:08:15 BST

I can't tell you what's causing it the change, but there's an easy fix. In that submenu "Motherboards" the item for the wireless is like this
[ Wireless Networking ]

Place a non-breaking line space in all the open spaces.


Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:13:03 BST

Don't understand what you mean by a non-breaking line space.

Could you explain?

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:23:13 BST

:oops: Sorry, I should have given it at the beginning. A non-breaking line space code takes the place of a space and it prevents what was the blank space from allowing wrapping or breaking. So, in your [ Wireless Networking ] you would do this
[ Wireless Networking ]
Do the same thing for the other words that wrap. You see there are no 'empty' spaces now.


Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:31:44 BST

Tried the   to avoid any spaces but I don't see any difference.

Using IE 6.0

Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:44:31 BST

Sorry Ruth

I forgot one of the   in between the two words, yes that did fix that problem.

I have another one that is similar, I'll get back to you on this.

Thanks alot

Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 5:55:25 BST

Same type thing happening on this page:

As you can see the text is wrapping on the topic "Moterboards" and "Hard Drives".

Don't give up on me, please - I need to get this fixed and I love the Milonic Menu. I have never had any problems with any of the other version changes. Also, if I upload the 3 .js files from version 5.21 these problems go away, so I think it must be in the last changes Andy made in 5.22.

Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 6:17:14 BST


The Milonic 5.22 will not tolerate any spaces...

aI("text=Wireless Connectivity;showmenu=Wireless Connectivity;status=Radio Frequency and Infrared;");

Such as between the words Wireless and Connectivity, above.

I have to use the Latin-1 character set:  

aI("text=Wireless Connectivity;showmenu=Wireless Connectivity;status=Radio Frequency and Infrared;");

then the text doesn't wrap ( at least in IE anyway ).

Could you check this link in some other browsers for me?

My site is an e-commerce site so the menu must work in most of the newer browse, since the menu leads my customers to my purchase page - no purchase no income.

Sure would appreciate it if you could check this out on some other browsers. ICapture won't let me actually work the menu.

Thanks again Ruth :P

Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 6:19:17 BST

Hey Rudy,

I just had a look with ie6/win2k. I don't see any wrapping. What gives? Did you fix it?


Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 6:27:37 BST

Hey Kevin,

Yes, Ruth helped me.

For some reason, after I installed version 5.22, the data .js files will not tolerate any spaces between words such as:

aI("text=Setting Up AWireless Network;showmenu=Wireless Networking;status=Wireless Networking and Security;");

I have to use the   character set instead of a space, like this:
aI("text=Setting Up A Wireless Network;showmenu=Wireless Networking;status=Wireless Networking and Security;");

It seemed to fix the problem in IE but would like some help having some of the other popular browsers take look at it also. If you could do that for me I would appreciate it.

Here is the URL:

Thanks for your help!

Poster: Andy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 11:52:27 BST


This has now been fixed for version 5.23.

I'm hoping to get this release out later today.


Poster: rudy
Dated: Tuesday June 15 2004 - 14:13:56 BST

WOW, thanks :D Andy - that was fast...