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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:46

cool menu effect - is this possible with the menu

Poster: irubin
Dated: Monday January 26 2004 - 23:14:44 GMT


Is this effect possible with the menu - (top nav).



Poster: kevin3442
Dated: Wednesday January 28 2004 - 1:42:50 GMT

Hi Roy,

The script that does it is in the site's init.js file... it's ypslideoutmenu, from It's a pretty cool effect, to be sure, but as far as I can tell, using this menu is limited to newer browsers. The effect itself is achieved through some pretty heavy js coding, rather than a Microsoft DirectX transition effect.

You can get a similar, but not identical, effect in the Milonic menu by defining transitions in the overfilter and outfilter properties of the menu style. The only transitions that I can come up with that would be similar would cause a "wipe" effect rather than a slide effect (wipe down for mouseover, wipe up for mouseout). You could try the following combinations in your menu style:


Either pair will give a wipe effect. Change the duration value in each filter for a slower or faster rendering of the effect. You might also want to reduce the value of _menuOpenDelay at the top of the menu_data.js file, so that the mouseover effect is triggered more quickly (personally, I'd set _menuOpenDelay=0 ).

Also, since these (and other filters) are DirectX transition effects, they will only work in IE5.5+

Hope that helps,