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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:15

Rollover menu delay

Poster: topachou
Dated: Wednesday August 18 2004 - 11:17:50 BST


Is there a way to have the main menu items (images or text) not rollOut before the subMenu disapear ?

Like here :

The delay is working fine when you roll out a sub menus : the main menu item disapear after the same delay as the sub menus.

But when you roll out a main menu item, the main menu item roll out immediatly while the sub menus disapear after delay (choosen with _menuCloseDelay=500).

I'd like to have the main menu item roll out when the sub menu disapear, after 500ms (not immediatly).

Anyone, please ? :)

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Thursday August 19 2004 - 5:54:44 BST

Are you saying you want the 'red' color to remain longer after the submenu closes? I don't think that can be done, unless a function might be possible to make it do that.


Poster: topachou
Dated: Friday August 20 2004 - 10:31:01 BST

No, I want the red color (over) to come back to white color (out) exactly when the sub-menu close (not before).

It's working when you roll out the sub-menu.
It is not working when you roll out the main menu item.

Just check here :

Roll over "About Milonic". The submenu open. Roll out "About Milonic". The "over" state become the "off" state immediatly on "About Milonic". The sub-menu close after a delay of 500ms.

I hope I'm clear. ;)

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Sunday August 22 2004 - 2:24:57 BST

Yes, I understand now what you want, however, they are two different functions which are not really linked together. They both function on mouseover/mouseout but they themselves are not linked. The only way I can think to 'match' them would be to set your menu close delay to 0 [zero] which means that the submenu closing would work in the same time frame as the return to the offbgcolor when you mouseout. Other than that, I can only suggest that maybe someone could write a js function to somehow allow you to define a 'mouseout' delay which you could apply to the offbgcolor event, then 'match' that event to the menu close delay.


Poster: topachou
Dated: Monday August 23 2004 - 11:22:50 BST

Ok. Thanks for your reply.

I need the 500ms delay so I can't set it at 0.
And for the javascript function, I think I will wait a long time for it :)

So in my case, the answer is just : No. Not possible.

Bouh !