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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:13

Raltive Submenu misplaced

Poster: ippous1
Dated: Thursday August 26 2004 - 9:44:21 BST

Hello; i'm using vertical and horizontal menu in the same page.

All is working well for the vertical menu.
But it's différent for the horizontal menu.

The vertical il absolute positionning.
The horizontal is relative.

In fact, the submenu of the horizontal are shown, by IE and Opera, at the position of their parents multiplicated by 2 (as if he considered their position was:
sub.x = parent.x + parent.x ).

In Mozilla, the submenu are at the good place in the browser, but if i used the DOM inspector, it shows there at the same place that the two other browsers.

You can access the bake here:

user is: test
password is: test1

Poster: John
Dated: Thursday August 26 2004 - 15:01:33 BST

First you need to get up to level. You're running v5.35, current is v5.44. Only the most current version is supported, and there have been numerous fixes since .35. Let us know how it goes after that.

Poster: ippous1
Dated: Friday August 27 2004 - 7:25:35 BST

So, I upgrade to the right version this morning, and the problem is still here.

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday August 27 2004 - 8:26:28 BST

Where exactly is the horizontal menu? I only see the vertical and checking your html source I don't see any menu set at orientation=horizontal, nor position=relative.


Poster: ippous1
Dated: Friday August 27 2004 - 10:02:39 BST

You must log you with the user: test
and the password: test1
it's just because the horizontal menu is in a member area.

Thanks for you help

Poster: Ruth
Dated: Friday August 27 2004 - 18:00:50 BST

There are a number of problems with how you have placed the menu.

I have a question/suggestion which if it's possible would be the easiest solution. I notice you have an absolute positioned div inside of which you've placed a table and in the table you've put the menu. The absolute position of the div is top=125 left 205. Why don't you just absolutely position the menu at that top/left position instead of putting it in a table? If that's not possible, then these are the following problems and how to fix them.

1. The menu shouldn't be inside a div, it's made up of divs, spans etc. It can cause the menu to break up or to become non functioning in some browsers, though it seems to work in ie and netscape, not sure about macs.
2. You have the menu placed in a table inside that div but to do that you must follow the directions for placing the menu in the table or the exact problem you are seeing will occur. You can see the information here
3. You seem to have two menus with the same name, one in the vertical menu and one in the horizontal.

I would suggest you do the following:

Put all the menus back into a menu_data file. Rename one of the milonnic1 menus or get rid of one since calling one is fine, each menu would just call the same one. I notice that the div you have absolutely positioned is right above the Espace Members, so if you must have the menu in a table, why not make a table which has a top row for the menu and a second row for that Espace Members. If you can do that then you nest a single cell table into that top row and put the menu in it. To position the menu in a table you put ONLY the main menu into the table inside of script tags using the drawMenus that you have with the main horizontal menu now, but get the submenus into the menu_data file and put the calls for the menus files right after the body tag as you have them now, but call the menu_data file also. I did play with the page, of course it's hard when one is not sure of the layout, but I put all but the main horizontal menu back into a menu_data file and it seems to work fine.

Hope that helps. If you need anything more, let us know.


Poster: ippous1
Dated: Saturday August 28 2004 - 6:57:55 BST

Just for the fun, I have tried two things, on the trhee:
Rename the second menu.
Put it in a table, not in a div
It does'nt work.

But it's make me realize, that I'm trying to place the second menu, in 0,0 in a table with an absolute position, so 'relative' is a non sense.

I put the menu as 'absolute' and it works fine.

I can register now.

Thanks for you help.