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Taken From The Forum: Help & Support for DHTML Menu Version 5+
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Last Updated: Saturday July 14 2012 - 06:07:14

Problem with Menu Sample 27

Poster: darkcircuituk
Dated: Saturday August 21 2004 - 14:59:25 BST

I have been trying to get menu sample 27 working for the last 2 days. Do I need to place all the files on a server, because I tried getting the menu to work locally and failed miserably. Can you provide me some help plz?

Poster: John
Dated: Saturday August 21 2004 - 18:03:33 BST

The most common problem with trying to get a page to work both locally and on a server is that the local site is not set up exactly the same as the server is. Therefore, pathnames do not match and, typically, the JS calls to the menu code files fail. Hence - no menu.

You might try using full pathnames for the calls and see if that helps (assuming you've placed the menu code on the server).

Didn't work

Poster: darkcircuituk
Dated: Monday August 23 2004 - 9:36:34 BST

I have tried just applying the right click menu locally and including all the js files required in the same directory as the page I am trying the script on. I have added the required code to the html page that I require the menu to appear on, and still nothing. Could it be that the menu sample 27 just doesn't work? :cry:

Poster: Andy
Dated: Monday August 23 2004 - 9:55:42 BST


The problem was a bug in the menu delivery system.

It wasn't add the <SCRIPT> reference to the contextmenu.js file in the download.

Fixed now so if you download the menu again, should see the context menu appear.



Poster: darkcircuituk
Dated: Monday August 23 2004 - 13:11:45 BST

In the end, I just copied the sample code that was provided on ur website into the menu_data.js and that fixed my problem. Thanks for your advice though :) its appreciated :D